Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Tree 2015

Hi guys,

25th of December, the first christmas day after 24th, after the huge delicious christmas eve dinner and after the surprise of all presents. Normally I sit on our couch and watch some classic and new christmas or festive tv movies, shows etc. and talk with my family (as I'm talking the whole time;)).

Our christmas tree this year is as the last years again vintage style or retro decorated with glass ornaments in typical vintage shapes, style and lots of shades.

Wish you all a great christmas day and hope you've all been good this year and got what you've wished - but to be honest no gift can give you that like your family and people you love!


Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Hi guys,

last week I've made some yummy Lebkuchen (known as gingerbread - but it's different to the british or american one it's the typical austrian/german style gingerbread) and I've used some of Ann Clark's christmas cookie cutter (Gingerbread House, Holly Leaf, Simple Tree, Bethlehem Star)* to create this wonderful sweet christmas treats:

The gingerbread dough I've used is the one I always use each year on christmas - made with honey, gingerbread spices, rye flour, white flour etc. and it's not too sticky at all even if it looks like that!;)

The Ann Clark's cookie cutter are great for every season as they have for each time of the year the perfect cookie cutter selection - my fav' is the Simple Christmas Tree, which looks absolutely vintage and also the gingerbread house.

Let's see what I'll bake the next time!;)



Hi everyone of you;),

it's winter, christmas in 2 days - we all need more fruits, vegetables before the big great dinner on the 24th night! I started to take last month each day an antioxidant pill to prepare my skin for the next cold days (even if the sun is shining!) and also tried out a new drink called Huck Finn*, which contains a lot of different vitamins and extracts like: 

Huck Finn* is also known as the "Mindrefresher", which isn't seen after the first glass but maybe if you'd drink more during a week.

Well I'm not the biggest fan unfortunately, first of all I LOVE the packaging the 6pack paper box with the vintage black and white design, the glass bottles (Glass bottles are the best!) and the cute label/plastic foil on the glass bottles too.

I just don't like really the taste, the creamy natural white color as well as texture is lovely and reminds me on homemade eggnog, even the scent is unique but nice to smell BUT the taste - I can't I just can't:/

For all of you who like unique flavours, strong flavours with a herb and spicy undertone - this is the PERFECT "Good Morning Drink" for you! No matter before school, work or workout BUT not for all of you who are pregnant or still under 13 - as it contains some ingredients, which aren't as good as for pregnant ladies or kids!

Huck Finn is a great new drink for all Hypsters, young as well as older souls with an adventure soul and also for all other - I've been really positively surprised about the delivery, about the packaging as mentioned above but guys I'm sorry, I'm not really a Huck Finn lover at all but it was worth to try this beverage out!;)


Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Hi guys,

as our christmas tree is already decorated (which was my part like each year;)) I've also tried out this huge wooden shabby chic white star with lots of LED lights from Tchibo:

It comes with a separate adapter to light the whole gorgeous star up!;)

A perfect wall decoration or even under your christmas tree or better in front of - unless you've not a 2m tree where you'd have more space under;)!


Sunday, 20 December 2015


Hi everyone,

as we'e almost christmas and it's already the time of eating sweet treats, cookies and other christmas festive traditional food and drinks - I've tried out some Stollen slices from Sainsbury's (and yes that's almost one month ago - during my last days in London!;)):

It's a VERY sweet treat with a coat of icing sugar and marzipan filling - perfect to a cup of milk!;)


Sainsbury's Stollen Slices 200g - £2.50

So if you're one of the persons who don't like to bake or don't have time to bake during the next festive days, than it's time to try these stollen slices;)

Well I'm baking even if I've the shortest time there will be always min. 1h left for some fresh baked goods but to be honest - I've not tried to bake a stollen or stollen slices yet so I just can compare them to the original yummy Dresdner Stollen or other bakery made types - which are better than these but these slices are still better than other supermarket stollen variations I've eaten until yet!



Hi guys,

the last weeks were pretty awesome in Prague and after my arrival home 2 days ago I've bought, decorated the christmas tree, baked gingerbread and watched some of my fav' christmas and classic movies - christmas can truly come!;)

I've also tried some of Voelkel's Juices and especially their non-alcoholic punches and hot drinks are perfect for a nice evening with your family or even during the day:

The elder mulled wine/punch is sweetened with honey* and has a dark red violet shade in the glass - a very intensive fruit hot beverage great to a slice of stollen too!;)


Voelkel Juice also created 4 other non-alc. and 1 alc. hot beverages, it's worth to try out as well the hot winterapple or lemon ginger punch!

Do you have tried some of them? What's your favorite one?!


Monday, 7 December 2015


Hi everyone,

November the month before December is finally gone and the month also known as the pre-month full of christmas lists, planning and stressful moments, that's why I decided to let you know all my fav' christmas songs and melodies - perfect for the next christmas days to listen while preparing the christmas dinner, christmas tree and also a great help to survive during this fast stressful time:

"Last Christmas" Wham!
"Jing Jing Aling" Honey and the Bees
"The Christmas Song" Nat King Cole
"Christmas Cookies" George Strait
"A Christmas to remember" Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers
"Smoky Mountain Christmas" Dolly Parton
"I'd like to spend Christmas with Santa" Dolly Parton
"If I get home on christmas day" Elvis Presley
"If Every Day Was Like Christmas" Elvis Presley
"Wrapped in Red" Kelly Clarkson
"Underneath the Tree" Kelly Clarkson
"Where are you Christmas" Faith Hill
"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" Martina McBride
"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" Lady Antebellum
"I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas" The Drifters
"Run Run Rudolph" Chuck Berry
"It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" Johnny Mathis
"Please Come Home For Christmas" Eagles
"My Christmas Tree" Home Alone Soundtrack
"All I Want For Christmas Is You" Mariah Carey
"The Christmas Shoes" NewSong
"Do They Know it's Christmas" Band Aid 1984

"Lass es schnein" Helene Fischer & Die Sesamstraße
"Spuren im Schnee" Helene Fischer & Florian Silbereisen
"Heidschi Bumbeidschi" Hein Simons & Inka
"In der Weihnachtsbäckerei" Rolf Zuckowski
"Heut' fallen Wunder aus den Sternen" Stefanie Hertel & Stefan Mross
"Letzte Weihnachten" Max Raabe & Palast Orchester
"Es wird scho glei dumpa" Nicki
"Schlittenfahrt" Stefanie Hertel & Antony Ross
"Weihnachts Medley" Stefanie Hertel
"Schneeflöckchen Weißröckchen" Jörg Schlönvoigt

"čas vánoční" Lucie Vondráčková a Karel Gott
"Svatý čas" David Deyl
 "Ve Hvězdách" Pavel Callta
"Vánoční strom" Karel Gott
"Dingi-ling Ding-Dong" Karel Gott a Helena Vondráčková
"Přijde den" Helena Vondráčková
"Bílé Vánoce" Helena Vondráčková
"Vánoční"Helena Vondráčková
"Vánoční tajemství" Hana Zagorová & Hurvínek
"Směs vánočních koled" Hana Zagorová 
"Mé dětské svátky" Hana Zagorová 
"Vánoční přání" Lucie Vondráčková a Radim Schwab
"Vánoce bílý" Lucie Vondráčková a Petr Kolář
"Vánoční strom" Lucie Vondráčková
"Snad se něco stane" Marek Ztracený
"Zítra stromek zazáří" Darina Rolincová a Karel Gott

These songs are all my fav' each year or they came year after year to my "fav' christmas song" collection and I'm inspired for the next christmas season;)!


ASDA EXTRA SPECIAL - 12 Luxury Mini Mince Pies REVIEW

Hi guys,

during my last weeks in London I've tried also some of their traditional christmas sweets like the well known Mince Pies (which you find in EVERY supermarket there during the winter season!) and found these 12 Luxury Mini Mince Pies one from ASDA, which are a kind of premium one:

They are lovely decorated with a kind of snowflake pattern and they taste sooooo homemade;)!

They are perfect mouth size (if you're not a child;) and it contains Alcohol so DON'T serve it to kids guys!)).

A great pre-christmas treat during afternoon tea, a cup of coffee and for a nice relaxing break!;)


Sunday, 6 December 2015

BÄRBEL DREXEL - Astaxanthin Intensiv Serum*

Hi guys,

the week went quickly by, I've been already in Prague since 6 or 7 days (don't ask my why, but the days went so fast, that I'm not really sure what I've done or arrived here;)) well it's exciting to be here, not just for a new beginning, a new chapter in my life but also to be nearer my family, doing more blogging again and to be on christmas home;) 

Well Bärbel Drexel has created a new line for older skintypes but I've been interested to try the Astaxanthin Intesiv Serum, which was sent to me for testing, by my own:

I know, that I don't really need in my age (22) a lot of anti-aging products as my skin is still young but for my dark eye circles, eye area it's good to try something more intensive out, which could reduce to get sooner eye wrinkles.


Well of course, it's not just a natural origin ingredients list but it's not too bad and also good for sensitive skin types. It has a light scent and peachy shade, which creates no discolorations and feels really soft on your skin.

There are plenty other products from the Astaxanthin Collection, which are for people from 30+

Astaxanthin Intensiv Serum* - 32.50 € 

If you're also 20+ - are you using also some kind of extra eye care already? If yes, which one;)?