Monday, 2 November 2015


Hi guys,

now we've November, the month I finally made the decision last year (already 1 year ago!!!) to move to the UK and it's again a time full of decisions...

Well know as I'm finally in bed I've some time to write a delicious post (as I'm thinking always about hot cup of tea, spicy coffee or choc' while I'm sitting on my bed;)) about one of my latest drink recipes:

It's a simply, healthy and yummy hot chocolate or "Autumn Choc'" idea, which will be loved not even by yourself but I'm pretty sure by all other family members, friends and mostly children;)

As I've used skimmed milk (also almond-/coconutmilk possible) and Sweet Freedom Hot Choc Shot and some spices to make it even more autumn flavoured;)

You can use any kind of spices, which are typical for sweet dishes during the autumn time, you can for example try to recreate a flavour of pumpkin pie or as I've tried chai with ginger/cinnamon;)

Hmmm;) Yummy warm beverage for breakfast, after work or workout;)!

Have a great start into this November guys,

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