Sunday, 29 November 2015


Hi everyone,

I've been the last week walking through Winter Wonderland, the biggest and most festive place in London (located in Hyde Park). It's a place to go while you're on winter holiday in London or if you're living there, it's worth to visit (just the prices are ridiculous expensive! - you'll pay about 7 pounds for a punch/4 for hot chocolate!):

Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland is more like a theme park NOT like a comfy traditional christmas market (for that it's better to go to Stratford or Kingston).

What's your favourite christmas market in London or all over the world?!;)



Hi guys,

some weeks ago I've been in London and wished already to be home for christmas, during that time I've got the opportunity to review one of the gorgeous winter collection from Tchibo - the warm shorty pyjama set*, which could be the perfect gift for all frozen bunnies on earth;):

Shorty Short Pyjamas* - 14.95 €

I really like the classic gingham printed shorts and the flanell cotton fabric, which keeps me really warm during cold nights - Shorty* is truly a great night wear during wintertime;)


Monday, 16 November 2015

Positive Luxury - AURA SOMA EVENT*

Hi guys,

last month I've been invited by Positive Luxury to maybe one of the most elegant and highend hotel called "metropolitan" located near the gorgeous Green Park in London to an evening full of scents from Aura Soma:


AuraSoma creates scents, which have two different shades in each bottle to let everyone of us choose with the color/aura of choice. This is an interesting different view of choosing your right scent and to be honest, it was quiet funny as my fav' color combination was from No. 58 which is a combination of pale blue over pale pink called Orion and Angelica and it's useful for travellers;)

So well as I've travelled a lot and spent the whole year by myself in the UK it's strange, that I've choosen this one without knowing about the meaning of the color combination on the event and found that out after reading the booklet I've got on the event about each of the scents.

Anyway I've got as samples the No. 30* which means Heaven on Earth has a strong scent which I quiet liked, No. 39* which represent a combination of ancient Egypt and the ancient wisdom - the scent is unique, and No. 80*  which inspires the deeper levels of love and compassion. A great trio worth to try out one after one;)!

It was a truly pleasant event night and thanks Positive Luxury again for inviting me!;)


Sunday, 8 November 2015


Hi everyone,

I've recently escaped further lovely home decorations and accessoires for this christmas season '15 from the Depot Home Collection and it's very golden this year:
This lovely rose gold/gold plate with different sized candles could be actually made with 4 candles as an advent candle wreath;)

Lovely for fresh mistletoe and christmas stars!

Photo Credits: Depot

...and your family, warm chats, a great christmas eve dinner and the atmosphere around the tree;)

(non-paid BBPR pr post)


Hi everyone,

the last week I've tried a very delicious loaf cake perfect for this month and autumn season:

It's the Carrot Pumpkin Loaf cake from Asda, which is a moisture perfect cake for a nice afternoon tea, snack or as a dessert after your lunch/dinner.


 It's a very yummy cake, worth to try or share with your friends, family;)!


Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Hi guys,

Tchibo always creates interesting collections for home, kids, kitchen but also great and highquality fashion especially the latest collection of premium fashion contains some very timeless and high-end pieces:

Wool coat - 199 €

Cashmere turtle neck sweater/pullover - 129 €

Cashmere beanie - 49,95 €

Velour leather optic jacket - 89,95 €

Photo Credits: Tchibo

I'm really in love with the turtle neck pullover in a creamy vanilla white shade as well as the wool coat is so chic and perfect for a cold city night out;)!

(non-paid BBPR PR post)


Hi guys,

as I'm making right now a kind of London diary with photos of places I've been in all different districts and corners in London I've choosen for the next post the west part of London "Hammersmith" and inner city area called "Kings Cross":

So Hammersmith with lots of shops and good public transport (tube, buses etc.) brings you in a centre far of the centre;) Kings Cross the place for traveller, young creative people and small hidden shops!

Do you prefer Hammersmith or Kings Cross for a weekend walk?