Friday, 16 October 2015


Hi everyone,

the last day off I've enjoyed the district called Canary Wharf in London, which reminds me highly due to the skyscrapers on NYC! I just love it there guys!;) It's totally me, not just the huge architecture as well as the vibe there is so inspiring - lovely during autumn and sure during christmas as well as they've an ice skating place called "Ice Rink Canary Wharf " (open from 31st of October until 27th of February)  similar to "The Rink at Rockefeller Center" in Manhattan ;)!

Breath taking views after you reached the top of the underground and keeps you wondering, whether you're still in London or in another city like Big Apple.

It's totally worth to visit Canary Wharf if you're enjoying big buildings, nice view on the river Thames and love to be in a business district for at least an hour;)!


Thursday, 15 October 2015


Hi guys,

the last week I've got nice news from Depot - which isn't just a great place to find home fabrics (towels, pillows etc.) but as well as other decorative items/accessoires and furniture. The latest home collection isn't just for vintage lovers but also for modern designed 4 walls;)!

This huge fabric basket for your dirty clothes is perfect not just as space saver but also as a decoration!

I absolutely love this lamp - not just for the vintage labeled bottle label but for the whole design, modern meets vintage;)!

This shouldn't be missed in any kind of dressing rooms or walk-in-closets. It has a modern touch but still because of the white shade useable in shabby chic/vintage interior designed rooms!

I love the shade, the vintage touch, the size and texture of recamiere sofa - great for comfy reading nights, a relaxing hour during the day or just for sitting while trying on hundrets of different shoes in your own home;)
So like the famous and hyper hyped retro drinking glasses (originally used for preparing marmelade/chutney/pickled food)  also this soap dispenser is with the white painting and black pump system so high-design and great in white and pastel colored bathrooms with a retro touch!

Depot offers so lovely accessoires/furniture for any kind of interior tastes!;)

(non-paid PR post with BBPR)

Friday, 2 October 2015


Hi guys,

the last days where pretty sunny and after long park walks and meet up with ducks, swans and squirrels I though to show you some great pictures of the amazing Kensington Park (worth to visit while you're staying in London!):

The park walk was 100%tly worth it to refill your inner battery and get inspirations for the next days!;)



Hi everyone,

the last day off I've enjoyed in one of the nicest areas in London - Holland Park, where you can not just see the beautiful house architecture, wealthy living area and nice small traditional shops/businesses. Holland Park has a special flair and brights up your mood after a long working/stressful week:

I really love this area of London - it's not typical british but magical;)


Hi guys,

the last month I've been using another handcream (after trying already thousands;)) and this The Wonder Seed hemp seed oil hand cream with the scent of spring lavender is ideal for the driest skin as well as eczema.

The Wonder Seed hand cream comes in a 71ml tube and I just love to apply it as the scent isn't too much "granny"! I mean it's not that typical lavender scent it's more like citrus lavender blended scent.

The Wonder Seed Hand Cream "Spring Lavender" - $12.95* (here)


Well it made my skin softer, it's not dry but my eczema problem still excists - so I think, that this cream is great for very dry skin and light eczema problems but not for specific kind of eczemas.

Anyway this hand cream is a great natural alternative to other harsh chemical packed hand treatments!;)