Friday, 4 September 2015


Hi guys,

September is now here and the days get a bit more cold than during late summer days. A cup of hot choc' is always a good reason to have during such freezy days. And as it's not far away from autumn and great winter season - this hot chocolate beverage made by ViVani could make your day better like mine;) 

That shouldn't sound like a great advertisment at all;) I just don't found the right words to describe the feeling of drinking this hot beverage full of good highquality 65% cocoa and raw cane sugar;)

1. Step - pour milk (I've used regular skimmed cow milk, but feel free to use almond milk or coconut milk etc. if you're lacto intolerant!):

2. Step - add 2-3 spoons of ViVani's Hot Chocolate* (you see it's pure high quality choc'!;)):

 3. Step - Stir, stir aaand stiiiir!:

4. Step - fill it in your fav' cup and enjoy!;)

For alternative variations add 1-2 drops of pure peppermint extract, 1-2 bourbon vanilla extract, 1 drop of baileys or eggnogg or pumpkin spice for seasonal scents.

ViVani Hot Chocolate* can be used also for cakes and other desserts or as further ingredient in muesli and granola!


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