Thursday, 3 September 2015


Hi guys,

as I was born in Austria and most of the Austrian and German 90s kids had watched or bought the books of Felix the rabbit (Felix der Hase) - which is very similar to Paddington the Bear, but in compare Felix is travelling all around the world and sending postcards to Sophie (the best friend of Felix + owner) what whe has found or seen on his journeys. But this post shouldn't be about Felix books, movies, tv shows, products etc.

Felix Schoky* - Milk Chocolate Bar, Felix Flaky* - Wheat Flakes Milk Chocolate, Felix Milly* - Milk Filling Milk Chocolate Bar, Felix Knuspy* - Nougat/Hazelnut crisp Milk Chocolate

Mostly it should be about ViVani's Felix chocolate bar collection*, which I've know since my childhood as well and was lucky to try it out and make a review here on my blog:

Felix Milly*

I really think, that this was my fav' also during my childhood - it's similar to other milky filling bars but the chocolate is high quality ViVani choc';)!

Felix Knuspy*

Well I don't really like nougat (never really liked it) but the combination with the crisp-rice balls is a great snack during sport or as a sweet treat. Not my fav' but not bad.

Felix Schoky*

This is a traditional milk choc' bar, as I'm more the dark choc' person I don't really felt satisfied with the flavor and it was too fatty for my choc' taste but children probably like this taste more than girls in 20s!;)

 Felix Flaky*

Well there were not too much flakes inside (like on the picture you can't really see some;() and otherwise just a regular milk choc' bar - nothing special and probably the worst of all!

Did you've ever tried some of ViVani Felix choc' bars? What's your fav'?


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