Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Hi guys,

sorry, sorry, sorry eh I've been sooo busy during last weeks also last week was pretty special ;) So back to my next review - which is from a natural facial/body care brand called The Wonder Seed (which contains in fact a wonder seed - hemp seed oil!).

The facial care range has a light scent of fresh daisy flowers and they are both great for sensitive or redness skin! I've not had any harsh irritations or other kind of dry skin parts after using them both. I felt my skin was a bit softer after using the creamy Facial Cleanser* in combination with the Facial Cream* in the morning and night and the only thing I've to think about is, that the Facial Cream* is a bit rich - which means I would use it more during night than during day - to avoid any shiny parts on my t-zone while I'm not using makeup!

The samples I got last for 1-2 using as it's a very small portion, I cannot say 100%tly whether it would change my whole skin complexion after using 1 month but I really liked the texture of the cleanser!;)

Bare face washed with the Wonder Seed Facial Cleanser*:

Bare face with the Facial Cleanser* and Facial Cream*:

How did you like the The Wonder Seed facial care range? Did you've ever heard about this hemp seed oil cosmetic brand?

Be prepared for more reviews;)!


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