Sunday, 27 September 2015


Hi guys,

since I've been in the UK I've used to prepare myself almost each morning a fresh bowl of warm instant porridges of every flavour and brands with fresh fruit, nuts, cereals etc..

Currently I've escaped and tried out the newer range of Kelloggs porridges the Special K range:

The Almond, Pecan and Sunflower Seeds super porridge by Kelloggs Special K contains important proteins, fats and gives you the needed filling and great start into a new day (great for a breakfast during school, work or while sport workout).

The raspberry, pomegranate and pumpkin seed version of Kelloggs Special K Super Porridge is a great autumn flavour! Due to the pumpkin seeds (they are sooo healthy;)) and a good new twist with pomegranate seeds offers you this porridge a nice bowl portion of good rich and healthy breakfast meal.

Did you've ever tried one or some of the Kelloggs Special K (Super) Porridges?!


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