Sunday, 27 September 2015


Hi guys,

since I'm living in London I always try to escape as many places in whole London and learn as much as I can about each district and last Friday I visited Brixton, which isn't for every tourist maybe interesting BUT for culture interested people it's worth to have a look around:

There is a great market with bright colored patterned dresses, t-shirts and other clothes on the market, fresh vegetables and fruits and smell of delicious dishes;)

The other part of Brixton is the cultural / music scene - for me perfect;) I love to go for a nice move to one of the oldest cinemas (like The Ritzy) or even to went for a concert to O2 Academy.



Hi guys,

since I've been in the UK I've used to prepare myself almost each morning a fresh bowl of warm instant porridges of every flavour and brands with fresh fruit, nuts, cereals etc..

Currently I've escaped and tried out the newer range of Kelloggs porridges the Special K range:

The Almond, Pecan and Sunflower Seeds super porridge by Kelloggs Special K contains important proteins, fats and gives you the needed filling and great start into a new day (great for a breakfast during school, work or while sport workout).

The raspberry, pomegranate and pumpkin seed version of Kelloggs Special K Super Porridge is a great autumn flavour! Due to the pumpkin seeds (they are sooo healthy;)) and a good new twist with pomegranate seeds offers you this porridge a nice bowl portion of good rich and healthy breakfast meal.

Did you've ever tried one or some of the Kelloggs Special K (Super) Porridges?!


Thursday, 24 September 2015


Hi guys,

the last days were chilly and will continue to be cold and colder as winter is not far away - we all should think about how to make our own four walls at home more comfy and warmer than usually.

Photo Credit: Tchibo

Tchibo has created a new collection of nice neutral/nude home accessoires, which helps you to make each winter night even more comfy than usual:

Photo Credit: Tchibo
Photo Credit: Tchibo

Such soft and warm lamb wool shoe insoles are highly needed in leather boots during long walks through the forest, parks or just while staying longer on a christmas market;)
Photo Credit: Tchibo

Cozy socks are a must during winter days while watching TV, hanging around and avoiding getting cold due to barefoot or thin socks - great during spending time by the fire place as well!

Winter season is one of my fav' therefore I've been so amazed about this collection by Tchibo as I've found a lot things interesting and helpful for this colder time of the year!

The collection will be available in each Tchibo store and onlineshop from 28th of October 2015.

(non-paid PR post)

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Hi guys,

this district or part in London is well known for the typical british houses in pastell shades and also because of the well known classic movie Notting Hill with the main actors Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

Portobello Road with the cute small shops and antique markets have a special atmosphere and let you forget the fast life in London!

It is always nice to get a sweet cupcake at Primrose Bakery or to find some vintage decoration at Alices. For all of you who never visited Nottinghill yet The Hill (guide for Nottinghill) may be a helper.

Notting Hill is great for Sunday walks;)

Friday, 4 September 2015


Hi guys,

September is now here and the days get a bit more cold than during late summer days. A cup of hot choc' is always a good reason to have during such freezy days. And as it's not far away from autumn and great winter season - this hot chocolate beverage made by ViVani could make your day better like mine;) 

That shouldn't sound like a great advertisment at all;) I just don't found the right words to describe the feeling of drinking this hot beverage full of good highquality 65% cocoa and raw cane sugar;)

1. Step - pour milk (I've used regular skimmed cow milk, but feel free to use almond milk or coconut milk etc. if you're lacto intolerant!):

2. Step - add 2-3 spoons of ViVani's Hot Chocolate* (you see it's pure high quality choc'!;)):

 3. Step - Stir, stir aaand stiiiir!:

4. Step - fill it in your fav' cup and enjoy!;)

For alternative variations add 1-2 drops of pure peppermint extract, 1-2 bourbon vanilla extract, 1 drop of baileys or eggnogg or pumpkin spice for seasonal scents.

ViVani Hot Chocolate* can be used also for cakes and other desserts or as further ingredient in muesli and granola!



Hi guys,

today is pretty cloudy BUT it's not always like that in London and as I've made a nice long walk during my holidays through whole South of Bank and Westminster I'd like to share with you some of my fav' corners there:

Big Ben always has been my fav' old architecture wonder in London;) Even if he's not soooo big like on postcards he looks like! And the nearest park (Parliament Square and with the Winston Churchill Statue) is a great way how to enjoy the big view on the London Eye, Thames and tourists making selfie with a selfie stick;)


Thursday, 3 September 2015


Hi guys,

as I was born in Austria and most of the Austrian and German 90s kids had watched or bought the books of Felix the rabbit (Felix der Hase) - which is very similar to Paddington the Bear, but in compare Felix is travelling all around the world and sending postcards to Sophie (the best friend of Felix + owner) what whe has found or seen on his journeys. But this post shouldn't be about Felix books, movies, tv shows, products etc.

Felix Schoky* - Milk Chocolate Bar, Felix Flaky* - Wheat Flakes Milk Chocolate, Felix Milly* - Milk Filling Milk Chocolate Bar, Felix Knuspy* - Nougat/Hazelnut crisp Milk Chocolate

Mostly it should be about ViVani's Felix chocolate bar collection*, which I've know since my childhood as well and was lucky to try it out and make a review here on my blog:

Felix Milly*

I really think, that this was my fav' also during my childhood - it's similar to other milky filling bars but the chocolate is high quality ViVani choc';)!

Felix Knuspy*

Well I don't really like nougat (never really liked it) but the combination with the crisp-rice balls is a great snack during sport or as a sweet treat. Not my fav' but not bad.

Felix Schoky*

This is a traditional milk choc' bar, as I'm more the dark choc' person I don't really felt satisfied with the flavor and it was too fatty for my choc' taste but children probably like this taste more than girls in 20s!;)

 Felix Flaky*

Well there were not too much flakes inside (like on the picture you can't really see some;() and otherwise just a regular milk choc' bar - nothing special and probably the worst of all!

Did you've ever tried some of ViVani Felix choc' bars? What's your fav'?