Monday, 10 August 2015


Hi guys,

the last weeks I've tried out some DHC Cosmetic samples on myself and made already some few days ago a review about the Deep Cleansing Oil, Acerola Cream and Acerola Extract (Review here).

Today I'd like to introduce you the DHC Face Wash Powder*, which looks in fact like a classic white washing powder!;) It smells for me lightly after honey and baby powder and transforms 100%tly to a light white foam after adding few water drops, blend it in your hands and after on your face.

Well the scent and texture (even if a wash powder seems to be very weird for me as a traditional user of liquid facial washes!) was quiet comfortable but after removing the foam with water off my face I've slightly had dry and slightly oily skin, which doesn't felt really clean so I had to clean it again with one of my usually used (liquid) facial washes.

I'm honestly thinking that this product is great for travelling, if you save your luggage from heavy liquid bottles or for a SOS product in your beauty case during times where you need to save money for the next drugstore haul!

The Deep Cleansing Oil is in comparison to this Face Wash Powder a star! I really like the smooth yellowish oily liquid facial wash more!

If you've ever tried out the Face Wash Powder let me know how you felt after cleansing your face with the powder or whether you like a powder more than liquid facial washes?



Hi guys,

the last weeks I've tried out a further coffee by Taylors of Harrogate called "Hot Lava Java", which is a strong coffee (perfect for all hardcore coffee lovers like me;)) well and I'm always add some drops of fresh organic milk and sometimes agave syrup for a sweeter taste!

As I'm very old-fashioned I'm using my vintage 60s/70s Melitta 101 coffee filter cup and the original Melitta 101 filters for each fresh brew cup of good coffee like the one called "Hot Lava Java"*;)

Melitta Original 101 coffee filter paper   (Melitta Shop)

The Hot Lava Java* has a strong, a bit sweet and a bit "sweetish" blend (not really smoky for me) and it's a perfect cup of coffee before or after work to a slice of cake;)

Did you've tried out some of Taylors of Harrogate coffees yet?! What's your fav' blend?!


Friday, 7 August 2015


Hi everyone,

the last week I've got some samples of DHC's japan cosmetic, which contains a lot natural ingredients and is calm to your skin (even sensitive one!). Well as I've tried it out yet I'd like to show you how my perfect daily facial cleanse with DHC products look alike:

1. DHC - Deep Cleansing Oil*:


The Deep Cleansing Oil is my favorite! - It's a light yellow oil which transforms to a milky foam after add few drops of water in your hands and makes my facial skin sooooo soft (after 1st using!) after blending it onto my skin with my hands and rinse with fresh water!

The Acerola Cream is light, has not a significant scent and hydrates the skin. Well the Acerola Extract has won my heart more as it doesn't leave a light oily finish on my face, which the Acerola Cream definitely leaves (which is weird as it's created for combination/oily skin)!


Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Hi everyone,

who doesn't like any kind of chocolate (white, dark, milk, caramel, fruit, mixed), who doesn't like to eat everyday a bit of the sweetest thing on earth?!

Well I'm one of the likers;) I love to eat a square of dark chocolate each morning, to eat another choc' treat during the day too;)!

Vivani creates a lot of chocolate types, flavours and the range of high-quality chocolate is huge!

ViVani - Dark Almond Chocolate:

The ViVani Semi-Dark Chocolate Bar with slices of sweet almonds*, which is one of my fav' bars from the whole selection I've got to try out from Vivani (Thanks again;)) and it's just perfect to eat piece by piece afternoon or during stressful mornings or just as a sweet treat during the whole day!;)

ViVani -Dark Nougat:

The Dark Noisette/Nougat chocolate * isn't very bitter or doesn't tastes like dark chocolate more like sweet milk chocolate with a strong nougat flavour. Not my fav' as I don't like creamy and too sweet chocolate bars but for you who want to try some darker variations - this one is a good start!

ViVani - 70% Dark Chocolate Cranberry:

The squares of this 70% dark chocolate bar with cranberries* reminds me strongly on other highend chocolate brands as well as the taste is very similar to other dark chocolate bars with raspberry/cranberry pieces. It's a very strong and high quality bar, which I'd re-buy as it's the perfect square size for a 1 portion during breakfast, dinner etc. (or the whole bar at once yipppe:)).

ViVani - Fine 71 % Dark Chocolate:

This is a very classic fine 71% bitter/dark chocolate* with the typical small ViVani chocolate bar square shape. I'd recommend this one to a cup of strong espresso or even milk coffee. It's not a very interesting and unique chocolate bar BUT it's definitely worth to try this one out if you like much more the darker chocolate versions and are a fan of more than 70% dark chocolate bars like me!

All of these ViVani Chocolate bars have got the gold DLG award for good quality, taste and product review!

Did you've tried out yet some of ViVani's chocolate bars?! What's your fav' flavour?