Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Hi guys,

the last weeks I've tried out some of the traditional buttery shortbread/cookies from Walkers Shortbread as well as their latest new glutenfree shortbreads*, which can be consumed by gluten allergy or during a diet:

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Highlanders*:

(200g - 2.56 pounds)

They are the same flavour and texture like Walkers Shortbread Fingers*:

(150g - 1.85 pounds)

Even if the ingredients aren't 100% the same or amount in % they are almost the same and traditional shortbread - which can be served to afternoon tea or just during a cup of nice tea/coffee/milk or hot chocolate - great during autumn/pre-christmas sweet too!;)

(150g -2.20 pounds)

This cookies are the best if you leave them in a bowl or on a plate for 1-2 days to get softer - they turn really chewy with the caramel/toffee inside otherwise they are crispy and very great in flavour - perfect to a glass of milk!

(150g - 1.80 pounds)

Well this cookies are very unique in flavour - I really like ginger and cookies BUT this combination of strong ginger flavour and buttery taste isn't very my taste! They are definitely too strong for me as well as remind me on the kinda caramel cookies served in coffee shops - well anyway everyone has another taste, that's really a cookie I don't like.

Walkers Gluten Free Pure Butter Ginger & Lemon Shortbread*:

(140g - 2.50 pounds)

This is one of the lastest gluten free shortbreads from Walkers, which contains refreshing lemon as well as ginger BUT not so strong like in the Extremely Gingery Cookies and the shortbread texture is much nicer than butter cookies!

Walkers Gluten Free Pure Butter Shortbread Rounds*:

(140g - 2.50 pounds)

These are pretty similar to the classic Walkers Shortbread Highlanders* shown above but as they are gluten free, they are especially made for gluten intolerance and are a bit more dry than the regular one.

(140g - 2.50 pounds)

They are in flavour like the classic chocolate chip cookies everyone likes to eat them with milk, hot chocolate - perfect on colder days as well as during a nice summer party outside in the garden!;) As well as the chocolate tastes really like quality chocolate chips not cheap fatty choc chips!

Walkers Shortbread is not just a scottish classic sweet treat for the whole family, friends and all sweet lovers it's as well a great way to enjoy cloudy and bad days in your life!;)


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