Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Hi guys,

some weeks ago I received a wonderful package of some of the latest tetley teas as well as alltime favorites here in the UK. So therefore I though it's time (after trying out already some of the tea sachets I've got) to write a bit about their range and about some of the teas, which really got me:

Tetley Peppermint Tea:

This one is a refreshing tea for hot summer days - great with a fresh mint leaves and a dash of lemon juice as well!;)

Immune - Lemon & Honey:

This one is great during a cold, autumn - when the weather is going to be more cold, dusty and rainy - it gives you a great kick during morning times as well!

Pure Green Tea:

Great during body cleansing, detoxifying or just during spring time to clean your body and skin - pure green tea is the best;)

Well these teas are not just delicous, refreshing, great beverages during the day but they are all rainforest alliance certified and tetley supports the farmers to live as well a good life, work in a good environment with benefits as well as not to get paid under.

Did you've ever tried some of tetley teas in the past and what's your fav'?!


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