Thursday, 16 July 2015


Hi everybody,

I've been very busy and haven't wrote a looooong time here something new, well as my mum and bro' was also here in London for a week to visit me (aand to bring me some clothes from home as well as sweets which I've totally missed here for ages;)) I've took a short break here on my blog and just made Insta pic's and spent the time with them (while I was beside working as well!) also other things in life are slowly changing so step by step;)

Well this post shouldn't be a novel book so I just wanted to let you know why I've not wrote you some blogposts as well as why I've not been very active on twitter - well Instagram is much more my fav' at the moment (you know me guys, me and a camera or my iphone - I love taking pictures;)).

So I really missed writing some more posts and will try to keep a routine on my blog - well not a routine to write all stuff again and again NO I mean to continue like I used to blog before on my beloved blog!

Wish you all a great day and hope you all have a good portion of love, luck and peace t'day as well this year and all your life!


1 comment:

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