Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Hi guys,

the last weeks I've tried out some of the traditional buttery shortbread/cookies from Walkers Shortbread as well as their latest new glutenfree shortbreads*, which can be consumed by gluten allergy or during a diet:

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Highlanders*:

(200g - 2.56 pounds)

They are the same flavour and texture like Walkers Shortbread Fingers*:

(150g - 1.85 pounds)

Even if the ingredients aren't 100% the same or amount in % they are almost the same and traditional shortbread - which can be served to afternoon tea or just during a cup of nice tea/coffee/milk or hot chocolate - great during autumn/pre-christmas sweet too!;)

(150g -2.20 pounds)

This cookies are the best if you leave them in a bowl or on a plate for 1-2 days to get softer - they turn really chewy with the caramel/toffee inside otherwise they are crispy and very great in flavour - perfect to a glass of milk!

(150g - 1.80 pounds)

Well this cookies are very unique in flavour - I really like ginger and cookies BUT this combination of strong ginger flavour and buttery taste isn't very my taste! They are definitely too strong for me as well as remind me on the kinda caramel cookies served in coffee shops - well anyway everyone has another taste, that's really a cookie I don't like.

Walkers Gluten Free Pure Butter Ginger & Lemon Shortbread*:

(140g - 2.50 pounds)

This is one of the lastest gluten free shortbreads from Walkers, which contains refreshing lemon as well as ginger BUT not so strong like in the Extremely Gingery Cookies and the shortbread texture is much nicer than butter cookies!

Walkers Gluten Free Pure Butter Shortbread Rounds*:

(140g - 2.50 pounds)

These are pretty similar to the classic Walkers Shortbread Highlanders* shown above but as they are gluten free, they are especially made for gluten intolerance and are a bit more dry than the regular one.

(140g - 2.50 pounds)

They are in flavour like the classic chocolate chip cookies everyone likes to eat them with milk, hot chocolate - perfect on colder days as well as during a nice summer party outside in the garden!;) As well as the chocolate tastes really like quality chocolate chips not cheap fatty choc chips!

Walkers Shortbread is not just a scottish classic sweet treat for the whole family, friends and all sweet lovers it's as well a great way to enjoy cloudy and bad days in your life!;)


Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Hi guys,

some weeks ago I received a wonderful package of some of the latest tetley teas as well as alltime favorites here in the UK. So therefore I though it's time (after trying out already some of the tea sachets I've got) to write a bit about their range and about some of the teas, which really got me:

Tetley Peppermint Tea:

This one is a refreshing tea for hot summer days - great with a fresh mint leaves and a dash of lemon juice as well!;)

Immune - Lemon & Honey:

This one is great during a cold, autumn - when the weather is going to be more cold, dusty and rainy - it gives you a great kick during morning times as well!

Pure Green Tea:

Great during body cleansing, detoxifying or just during spring time to clean your body and skin - pure green tea is the best;)

Well these teas are not just delicous, refreshing, great beverages during the day but they are all rainforest alliance certified and tetley supports the farmers to live as well a good life, work in a good environment with benefits as well as not to get paid under.

Did you've ever tried some of tetley teas in the past and what's your fav'?!


Sunday, 19 July 2015


Hi guys,

the last week I've received a further wonderful gift from Jane Koenig (maybe one of the most gorgeous rose gold silver plated jewellery designers!;)). This small handmade rose gold sterling silver plated earrings/studs have instead zirkonia or glass stones real 0.02 diamonds! They are absolutely gorgeous!:

They are sooo gorgeous even if you're wearing just a casual outfit or a nice elegant evening dress! (see my ear selfie on Instagram;)).

It's totally worth to check out Jane Koenig's official page/online store and to buy maybe the next birthday/valentines day/gift for your love!;)


KENZO - JEU D'AMOUR (Eau de Toilette)*

Hi guys,

there are thousands of different floral, fresh and romantical scents you can find in each good sorted perfumery or drug store. Kenzo created a further very feminine light, fresh parfum and eau de toilette called "Jeu d'Amour", which contains lemon  blossom and freesia for a fresh touch, pear, white musk as well as cedarwood for fruity and spicy notes and tuberose for feminine touch.

The nice light rose shade of the glass bottle as well as the rosegold polish on the bottom - what a nice packaging (for a rosegold fan like me;))!
I'm in love with this light eau de toilette by Kenzo;) It doesn't last the whole day but at least it's a great alternative to heavy scents during summer months - a great scent for a candle light dinner too!


Thursday, 16 July 2015


Hi everybody,

I've been very busy and haven't wrote a looooong time here something new, well as my mum and bro' was also here in London for a week to visit me (aand to bring me some clothes from home as well as sweets which I've totally missed here for ages;)) I've took a short break here on my blog and just made Insta pic's and spent the time with them (while I was beside working as well!) also other things in life are slowly changing so step by step;)

Well this post shouldn't be a novel book so I just wanted to let you know why I've not wrote you some blogposts as well as why I've not been very active on twitter - well Instagram is much more my fav' at the moment (you know me guys, me and a camera or my iphone - I love taking pictures;)).

So I really missed writing some more posts and will try to keep a routine on my blog - well not a routine to write all stuff again and again NO I mean to continue like I used to blog before on my beloved blog!

Wish you all a great day and hope you all have a good portion of love, luck and peace t'day as well this year and all your life!


Thursday, 2 July 2015


Hi everyone,

well chinese food is loved by many of us since decades as well as to bring some new dishes into your weekly menu it's always worth to try other out like the asian kitchen.

Amy's Kitchen created a lovely vegetarian/vegan dish called "Chinese Noodles & Veggies"* which contains a creamy cashew sauce and some tofu pieces (which I left over as I hate tofu!):

So it's a nutritious, rich and healthier ready meal alternative as well as a great dish for all asian dish fans - well it's not my fav' Amy's Kitchen dish as it contains tofu ( I really hate tofu!) and I prefer spanish/german/czech/italian kitchen BUT it's worth to try it out if you like tofu, cashew, noodle dishes!


Wednesday, 1 July 2015



I'm the WORST cook on earth! But I made a decision a month ago and bought a healthier cookbook or book to grow interest in me to learn or to start to cook myself something (as I can make just eggs, pancakes, salads and potatoes;)).

Honestly Healthy for Life (which was created by Natasha and Vicki) is really a great book for all healthy living people, someone like me who lives quite healthy but can't cook  or very bad and if the interest to cook or learning cooking isn't very high - this book creates wonder!



Hi guys,

it's summer, bikini/beach/fun/sun time AND also shaving time (which should be also during autumn and winter - juuust to be said;)) and as I'm a very sensitive skin type sometimes I've been very positively surprised after I've received to try out Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor with 5 razor blades and Aloe Vera extract:

Gillette Venus Sensitive Razor - 9.99 €* (via P&G shop)

After the 2nd shave my skin felt a lot softer than before BUT don't forget to moisturize your legs after that with a moisturizer/lotion/oil!