Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Hi guys,

I'm currently working in a clothes shop / fashion environment and therefore there is still some music playin' NOT each song really is my fav' or choice but there are some I really love and still jump when they start to play it again and again!;)

SBTRKT - New Drop. New York ft. Ezra Koenig:

This song is perfect to listen during morning hours, after waking up each day before work and just if you're too tired to listen to something else..... And NYC makes everything betta guys;)!

New Edition - Cool It Now:

A great 80s typical love song, which keeps me always smiling and dancing through the store!

Biz Markie - Throw Back:

This is a funky totally vintage sound - which keeps you up while working, groovy and just perfect sound for work!

Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue:

Again totally 80s (my fav' decade in everything!;)), powerful sound and great for travel, work, chilling and party summer nights out

Patrick Gammon - Fly Me High/Dancing Shoes:

A 1979 song, which keeps my generation (or just me;)) as well grooved, totally happy while dancing to this disco song.

Did you listen to such songs at your work (if you're working in fashion retail) too?! What's your fav' song or what would be your playlist?!


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