Monday, 8 June 2015


Hi guys,

the last time I've used up all my fluoride free toothpastes and as I needed to save a bit money this month I wasn't able to go to my fav' organic shop for some more fluoride free ones so I just simply went to Superdrug and was happy to find the Oral B Pro Expert toothpaste - which cleanse your teeth 100% (it contains fluoride unfortunately;( but for this month it's good to have a good alternative):

It contains in fact 2 types of fluoride :( (sodium fluoride and stannous fluoride) but it cleanse my skin really good and I'll definitely keep it in my toothpaste range but will start to continue to use fluoride free toothpaste (as that's better for my teeth guys!).

The paste is plain white and contains small granulates, which cleanse your skin deeply BUT not agressive - if you know what I mean (like the old versions of whitening toothpastes).

There's a wide range of professional toothpastes on the market nowadays and it's worth to try out the Oral B Pro-Expert Deep Clean paste - the mint flavour isn't too strong and not too light - the right middle strongness for a fresh breath;)!

Wish you all a nice and clean start into a brandnew week!;)


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