Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Hi guys,

as a singer, music lover, a young girl/woman with addiction to all kinda rythm, melodies and songs deep in my veins - I've as well many fav' male/female singers, bands and musicians and James Bay is one of them!

James Bay -  Clocks Go Forward:

He plays not just incredible guitar and understands music - he also sing about true stories, about feelings we all know, about how life sometimes look alike and he's just totally a normal guy, which you could see playing small gig's like in Brighton (where he really sang a lot!) as well just in a park in London!

James Bay - Brighton Session (Summer '14):

For his young age he really is a big inspiration not just for same old people but as well for older and much younger of course! I really would love to make a gig' with hime someday too;).

Here are some few more songs from him - which really inspires myself and I just love them!;):

James Bay - Let It Go:

James Bay - When We Were On Fire:

James Bay - Hold Back The River (Acoustic):

James Bay - Move Together:

So he's really a bit inspiration, good to listen while you're happy/sad/stressed - just in every kind of mood guys!;) And I just wanted to thank him with this post as well that he created such wonderful songs and thank's for using his great voice!


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