Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Hi everyone,

I've been testing and using these 2 latest Fenjal bath and body oil care range the last month until now and would like to introduce them to you too!

They came in transparent or translucent plastic bottles (the body oil with a spray pump and the shower oil like each other shower gel/product).

Both are really calm to sensitive or dry skin (which I've sometimes) and are great as a body care duo during your holiday at a summer destination! As both makes your skin not jus softer as usual BUT also keep the needed moisture and a light lovely scent to your skin (which isn't cheap smelling like other similar products!).

The Fenjal rich shower oil* contains grape seed oil and it is made for your daily shower routine - but as you know, that I'm a bath person I'd like to add it to the fresh water, which is filling my whole bath into a lovely scent and creates a lovely light creamy bubble bath!

The Fenjal lovely scented body oil* is enriched with passion flower seed oil and helps to fade away each kind of stress thoughs, which are flighing the whole day in my head! Keeps away anxiety, sadness and madness!;)

Fenjal is one of the kinda brands, which I remember since I've been a little girl. It's strange, but to be honest it is one of those, which will always remember me on my home, my family and to be honest will give me a feeling of home - if I'm currently or a long time away from my beloved home!


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