Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Hi guys,

you all already know, that I'm the rosegold type of girl;) (not silver n'or I really like pure gold things;)) and as I've got this birthday a very nice sterling silver rosegold plated ring from Esprit (from mommy thanks again - I really love the ring!;)). I though to show you the latest Esprit rosegold sterling silver collection - which is purely gorgeous!;)

Silver/Rose Gold plated/Zirconia Earrings - 49.90 €
(Photo Credit: Esprit) 
(Photo Credit: Esprit) 
Silver / Rose Gold plated / Zirconia Roses - 39.90 €
(Photo Credit: Esprit)

The whole rose gold plated collection contains heart/flower and vintage shapes, which are great for a good boho look, romantic look as well as for a nice candle dinner night!;)

How do you like Esprit earring collection and rose gold range?

(non-paid BBPR post)

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