Monday, 22 June 2015


Hi guys,

earlier this week I've received from Badger Balm their new limited edition Summer Essential Collection, which includes the following items (the "Hello Sunshine" bag is shown on my Instagram Photo;)) :

Foot Balm* 4.99 pounds:

It smells so refreshing minty and you definitely don't smell the tea tree (which is good - believe me, if you've never used before tea tree oil you don't know how disgusting the scent is!) and it makes my heels and whole feet really soft after the 2 using! Also great after a pedicure routine just to avoid smelling feet during hot summer days;)! Foot Balm is free of any kind of chemicals, petrolatum and great for all who work in a store like myself and stand a long time on feet or walk a lot!


After Sun Balm* 4.99 pounds:

It's a light sweet tropical scented balm, perfect for itchy red burnt skin during your summer vacation or after taking a sea bath and your skin began to went dry after too much sand or salt water. The Lavender helps irritated skin and calm it down. After Sun Balm contains as well Shea Butter, Cocoa and Jojoba - which makes a great skin feeling and result!


2 Lip Balms (Unscented*, Tangerine Breeze*) each 2.49 pounds:

So the Badger Balm Summer Essentials Collection cotton bag really is a good way to try out some more products from their whole body/lip care range for the special price of just 12.50 pounds!

For more informations please feel free and check out graftons beauty shop (where you can buy Badger Balm products in the UK).


Thursday, 18 June 2015


Hi guys,

as I've spend most of my best summer vacations by the sea, on the beach, in the city/town on one of the gorgeous balearic islands in Spain - I though to show you my fav' summer songs sang in Spanish this year:

Dani Martin - Emocional:

Dani Martin - Cero:

Dani Martin - Que Bonita la Vida:

Nicky Jam y Enrique Iglesias - El Perdon:

Maluma - El Tiki:

Paulina Rubio - Mi Nuevo Vicio ft. Morat:

So that's my 6 fav' Spanish summer songs for this season '15;) And to be honest, it makes me a bit sad don't to spend some days this year in Spain:/ 



Hi guys,

the last time I've reviewed already some Amy's Kitchen healthier ready meals and soups and this time I'd like to talk (or reather tip a bit;)) about the Chunky Tomato Soup* - which comes in a simple can BUT with rich fresh tomato flavour and bright red color (not every canned tomato soup looks like that!):

It has in fact some chunky tomato squares inside and a very rich fresh flavour! I've added just few fresh tomatoes on top and some basil/mint leaves inside and on top as well as ginger!

And the result was a fresh healthy tomato soup perfect for lunch or  dinner:

Did you ever tried some of Amy's Kitchen healthy ready meals/soups?!


Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Hi everyone,

I've been testing and using these 2 latest Fenjal bath and body oil care range the last month until now and would like to introduce them to you too!

They came in transparent or translucent plastic bottles (the body oil with a spray pump and the shower oil like each other shower gel/product).

Both are really calm to sensitive or dry skin (which I've sometimes) and are great as a body care duo during your holiday at a summer destination! As both makes your skin not jus softer as usual BUT also keep the needed moisture and a light lovely scent to your skin (which isn't cheap smelling like other similar products!).

The Fenjal rich shower oil* contains grape seed oil and it is made for your daily shower routine - but as you know, that I'm a bath person I'd like to add it to the fresh water, which is filling my whole bath into a lovely scent and creates a lovely light creamy bubble bath!

The Fenjal lovely scented body oil* is enriched with passion flower seed oil and helps to fade away each kind of stress thoughs, which are flighing the whole day in my head! Keeps away anxiety, sadness and madness!;)

Fenjal is one of the kinda brands, which I remember since I've been a little girl. It's strange, but to be honest it is one of those, which will always remember me on my home, my family and to be honest will give me a feeling of home - if I'm currently or a long time away from my beloved home!


Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Hi guys,

I'm currently working in a clothes shop / fashion environment and therefore there is still some music playin' NOT each song really is my fav' or choice but there are some I really love and still jump when they start to play it again and again!;)

SBTRKT - New Drop. New York ft. Ezra Koenig:

This song is perfect to listen during morning hours, after waking up each day before work and just if you're too tired to listen to something else..... And NYC makes everything betta guys;)!

New Edition - Cool It Now:

A great 80s typical love song, which keeps me always smiling and dancing through the store!

Biz Markie - Throw Back:

This is a funky totally vintage sound - which keeps you up while working, groovy and just perfect sound for work!

Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue:

Again totally 80s (my fav' decade in everything!;)), powerful sound and great for travel, work, chilling and party summer nights out

Patrick Gammon - Fly Me High/Dancing Shoes:

A 1979 song, which keeps my generation (or just me;)) as well grooved, totally happy while dancing to this disco song.

Did you listen to such songs at your work (if you're working in fashion retail) too?! What's your fav' song or what would be your playlist?!


Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Hi guys,

the last time I've reviewed one of the great vegetarian, veggie soups from Amys Kitchen (review here) and now I'd like to introduce you 2 other products the Amy's Kitchen mexican bean & rice Burrito* and cheddar, rice & bean Burrito*:

The cheddar, rice and bean burrito was my fav' of these 2 burritos! - As it has a rich tomato flavour and I love tomatoes in any kind of food and dishes!

Cheddar, Rice & Bean Burrito:

Did you've ever tried one of Amy's Kitchen ready meals/burritos or wraps?! What's your fav' one guys?!;)



Hi guys,

as a singer, music lover, a young girl/woman with addiction to all kinda rythm, melodies and songs deep in my veins - I've as well many fav' male/female singers, bands and musicians and James Bay is one of them!

James Bay -  Clocks Go Forward:

He plays not just incredible guitar and understands music - he also sing about true stories, about feelings we all know, about how life sometimes look alike and he's just totally a normal guy, which you could see playing small gig's like in Brighton (where he really sang a lot!) as well just in a park in London!

James Bay - Brighton Session (Summer '14):

For his young age he really is a big inspiration not just for same old people but as well for older and much younger of course! I really would love to make a gig' with hime someday too;).

Here are some few more songs from him - which really inspires myself and I just love them!;):

James Bay - Let It Go:

James Bay - When We Were On Fire:

James Bay - Hold Back The River (Acoustic):

James Bay - Move Together:

So he's really a bit inspiration, good to listen while you're happy/sad/stressed - just in every kind of mood guys!;) And I just wanted to thank him with this post as well that he created such wonderful songs and thank's for using his great voice!



Hi guys,

you all already know, that I'm the rosegold type of girl;) (not silver n'or I really like pure gold things;)) and as I've got this birthday a very nice sterling silver rosegold plated ring from Esprit (from mommy thanks again - I really love the ring!;)). I though to show you the latest Esprit rosegold sterling silver collection - which is purely gorgeous!;)

Silver/Rose Gold plated/Zirconia Earrings - 49.90 €
(Photo Credit: Esprit) 
(Photo Credit: Esprit) 
Silver / Rose Gold plated / Zirconia Roses - 39.90 €
(Photo Credit: Esprit)

The whole rose gold plated collection contains heart/flower and vintage shapes, which are great for a good boho look, romantic look as well as for a nice candle dinner night!;)

How do you like Esprit earring collection and rose gold range?

(non-paid BBPR post)

Monday, 8 June 2015


Hi guys,

the last time I've used up all my fluoride free toothpastes and as I needed to save a bit money this month I wasn't able to go to my fav' organic shop for some more fluoride free ones so I just simply went to Superdrug and was happy to find the Oral B Pro Expert toothpaste - which cleanse your teeth 100% (it contains fluoride unfortunately;( but for this month it's good to have a good alternative):

It contains in fact 2 types of fluoride :( (sodium fluoride and stannous fluoride) but it cleanse my skin really good and I'll definitely keep it in my toothpaste range but will start to continue to use fluoride free toothpaste (as that's better for my teeth guys!).

The paste is plain white and contains small granulates, which cleanse your skin deeply BUT not agressive - if you know what I mean (like the old versions of whitening toothpastes).

There's a wide range of professional toothpastes on the market nowadays and it's worth to try out the Oral B Pro-Expert Deep Clean paste - the mint flavour isn't too strong and not too light - the right middle strongness for a fresh breath;)!

Wish you all a nice and clean start into a brandnew week!;)



Hi guys,

the last week I've tried out some healthier and vegetarian ready meals from Amy's Kitchen:

Which you find at:

Sainsburys, Waitrose, Asda, Tesco, Whole Foods, Morrisons, Holland & Barrett , The Co-Operative Food, as nature intended, Planet Organic and more

Today I'd like to show you how Amy's Kitchen Split Pea Soup* looks like after heating up:

It's a good portion for 1 person;) (or that's just me;)) and the final result look like this:

Did you've ever tried some of Amy's Kitchen gluten/dairy/vegetarian ready meals? Let me know what's your fav' and be surprised how the next reviews will be!