Thursday, 28 May 2015


Hi guys,

I've been almost a week ago at one of the most stylish hairdresser salons called The Lounge Soho to cut my ends (avoid split) and to dye my hair (the 1st time!!!) a bit lighter for summer - as my natural blonde hair are lighter BUT not as light as I wished or as I was as a toodler;)!

So here are some pic's from the salon itself:

This small stylish modern and bright salon is located in Soho (26 Peter Street not far from Piccadilly Station - just about 10 min!;)).

That was my natural blonde hair shade - I wanted to get the yellow and dark parts out and to avoid to get yellowish while dying!

Again Before:

And after:

Maria (the lovely young lady who cut and dyed my hair - BIG THANKS again;)) avoid yellowish parts, brighten up my blonde shade and kept it at the front in my shade - to avoid nasty grow out lines - as I'm not sure, whether I'll dye it after they grow out again, I'm a very natural girl!;)

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The Lounge Soho is worth to visit (BUT book in advance!)  As it's very well known by young , modern and stylish Londoner so better book an appointment in advance - enjoy the friendly, very modern and arty environment there and be surprised about the finished result - I absolutely was surprised about the great result!;)



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  2. Hello Nika! May I ask you how much did you spend? I love your style!!