Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Hi everyone,

the last week I've visited the modern, clean juice store in Soho London, which is called Press London and they offer not just juice cleanse packs but also some kinda raw sweet snack balls and that's how the shop looks like:

The store is really new and worth to visit (pssssst, just few steps from Whole Foods on Piccadilly Circus;))!

Raw Cacao Leche (250ml - £4.50)*:

This is a healthier alternative to hot/cold cocoa and chocolate milk - it has a rich choco flavour and it's such a great drink during meals as a kinda sweet tooth treat!;)

PRESS London - Cold-Pressed Juices (each 500ml - £6.00)*:

 1. PRESS Cold-Pressed "Orchard 2" (Apple, Ginger,Lemon):

That's a spicy warming up beverage - great during or after a cold/illness, perfect for the immunity system and for digestation. I'm just thinking it was too spicy/hot for me BUT otherwise I LOVE ginger and the combination with crispy apple juice and lemon juice is perfect!;)

 1. PRESS Cold-Pressed "Grove 1" (Pineapple, Cucumber, Mint):

Refressssssshing - this juice was my fav' of all!;) It's super hydrating, just that it contains Pineapple says everything (YOU all know how much I'm addicted to pineapples;)) and the combination with cucumber juice/water and fresh mint is just perfect during your sport lesson, at the swimming pool and for a chill summer beverage!;)

 1. PRESS Cold-Pressed "Orchard 3" (Apple, Strawberry, Coconut):

That's a sweet creamy rich drink NOT really like a hydrating juice more like a lunch/meal drink during your juice cleanse routine! It's super nutritious and you can taste fresh rich strawberry flavour like homemade traditional strawberry juice with a hint of apple juice and coconut milk!

Press London has a great range of cold-pressed juices, raw milks and snacks - also completely juice cleanse packs and you can order them online or go to their Soho Store!;)


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  1. Apple, strawberry and coconut sounds divine! x