Thursday, 7 May 2015


Hi everyone;),

I've been invited by Caption PR today to join the AW15 press day, which was pretty exciting for me as a London-Newbie and young creative head!;)

Which young and highly creative designers have been presented:

Zashadu - makes incredibly unique clutches and handbags, Serafin Andrzejak, Mariella Pilato - designer of the amazing sterling silver and gold gemstone jewelry;), James Hock, Nunkis France - further lovely golden exotic high-end leather bags, Studio Collection (Camden/London) - focuses this year on many black and black/white patterns like 80s style

The whole event was sponsored by one of my fav' beverages VITA COCO;)! as well as Proper Corn:

I'm really in love with  the high-end golden detailed turquoise gemstone earrings from Mariella Pilato:

Or with the exotic golden detailed clutches/handbags by  Nunkis France:

I've really enjoyed to see all the latest AW15 collections from this highly creative young people and BIG THANKS again to Daniel (Daniel Dunt) and Caption PR team to have invited me to join the group!;)


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