Wednesday, 15 April 2015

DOVES FARM - Agave Nectar Flapjacks

Hi guys,

long time ago I've reviewed (made pic's) of this yummy healthy flapjack bars by Doves Farm - while I was shopping in Infinity Foods in Brighton - they are sooooo delicious!

They are gluten-/milk-/peanut-/egg-/soya free so perfect for vegans (I'm NOT one but think that this is a vegan bar too) and contains creamy agave nectar and wholegrain oats. The don't contain any crystal sugar JUST agave nectar and a tiny pinch of salt.

It comes in a 4 pack or you can buy it as a single bar (for trying;)) too! They aren't too expensive for organic/healthy bars (as there are more kind of such bars with a much higher price!) and they are really worth to try!


I'd really recommend this product to you if you're living a healthy lifestyle, are allergic against gluten-/milk-/soya etc. or vegan. As this is a very healthy but yummy bar;)!


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