Monday, 13 April 2015


Hi everyone,

today I'd like to tell/write you a bit about the organic Sleep Balm by Badger Balm. It comes in a 56g/2oz metallic tin - yes 56g/2oz! Which is a pretty good size for Badger Balms - as it will last you for approx. 2 months - if you're using it daily and just on some parts of your body (like for example: legs, arms, neck, temples, face or lips).


Olive Oil is pretty good for your skin to keep it moisturized and soft as well as beeswax and castor oil gives the needed moisture and elasticity to your skin. Lavender-/bergamot-/rosemary-/balsam fir gives this balm the needed scent to create a calm feeling after applying and ginger warms you up before you fall asleep;)

As it's an organic product - it doesn't contains any drugs or narcotics, harsh and agressive chemical ingredients or preservatives, but it can be used still after opening for one year (because of the different herbals and oils - which makes a kinda natural preservative). For some of you still this product may irritate your skin - if you're allergic against some of the herbals included.

I really love the lavender & bergamot scent - which reminds me always on one black earl grey, which I've used to drink a lot and it has the same scent;) Also I've been worrying about the yellowish color of the balm, whether it would colour on my skin BUT it completely fade away after blending into my skin DON'T WORRY!;)

Badger's Sleep Balm with Lavender & Bergamot scent is sold on their official Badger Balm pageWhole Foods, Infinity Foods, Grafton International Ltd.*

It's a good idea while you're travelling/on tour, stressed after a long school/work week, after a cold weather day or just during the day - if you need to take a relaxing hour of calmness;)

Did you've ever tried this amazing sleep balm out?! I'm in love with the scent (as mentioned above already;)), about the soft skin after I've used it on some parts of my body and about the effect - it really helps me after long working hours!


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