Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Hi everyone,

another great organic, natural product by Badger Balm, which is well known by many sport active of you and also by hard working people. Muscle Rub helps to calm down the muscle pain after a long heavy work-out, day at work/school or during high sport activities like: long running, swimming, dancing, gym etc.:

It comes in a small metallic tin with a lovely illustration/design like each Badger Balm product and inside you find a creamy rub/balm for your heavy legs, muscle pains:

As Cayenne Pepper soothes and helps to relax and calm your tense and heavy muscle aches and also Ginger helps to warms up your muscles (heat is always good for strong muscle aches and cramps - no wonder that hot yoga is so effective too!;)).


I really like such organic body stuff on myself as I'm a very sensitive child, if it comes to use some effective creams and balms against some sort of aches like muscle aches. I'd recommend it for your daily gym/sport lessons, for hard worker, for moms who are tired of the daily routine, for students who are walking long distance to school or up and down with heavy school bags and for all other who just felt tired and or got some muscle cramps.

Available in good sorted organic shops like: Whole Foods or Infinity Foods or in their official Badger Balm online shop (here - comes in 2 sizes: 2 oz or .75 oz).


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