Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Hi everyone,

I've recently tried out some organic herbal balms by Badger Balm and this is the last one I'd like to introduce to you for now (no one said, that I'd not like to try out more;)) - it's the Stress or Tension Soother balm stick or stick balm and it smells strongly after citrus and herbals not much like rosemary but lavender (or maybe my nose is just weird;)).

It's a great balm stick for travelling, and long working hours as well as to relax after a long day!

Tension/Stress Soother is available in each good organic food/cosmetic store like Whole Foods, Infinity Foods or on the official Badger Balm page (here)


Saturday, 25 April 2015


Hi guys,

a few weeks ago I've browsed through the store called "Beauty Base" in White City/Westfield London and found a very fresh, feminine and unusual scented Eau de Parfum (Splendor) by Elizabeth Arden.

The scent was launched back in 1998 (my alltime fav' perfume and my own "called" scent "Le Premier" by Lolita Lempicka was launched in 1999 - so I'm 100% not just born in the 90s but also a total 90s kid!;)).

It's an oriental floral fragrance, created by James Krivda and has top notes of: pineapple (ma' fav!), freesia, peony, hiacynth, apple, sweet pea and bergamot, the middle notes made by: tea rose, lily, poppy, magnolia lily of the valley and base notes such as: sandalwood, amber, musk, cedar and rosewood.

Elizabeth Arden isn't just a classic makeup/cosmetic/scent brand and company it's one of the brands which has the quality, design and high-end feeling since decades!

Splendor can be bought through Beauty Base (almost in each store or online) and it's worth to try!;)

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Hi everyone,

another great organic, natural product by Badger Balm, which is well known by many sport active of you and also by hard working people. Muscle Rub helps to calm down the muscle pain after a long heavy work-out, day at work/school or during high sport activities like: long running, swimming, dancing, gym etc.:

It comes in a small metallic tin with a lovely illustration/design like each Badger Balm product and inside you find a creamy rub/balm for your heavy legs, muscle pains:

As Cayenne Pepper soothes and helps to relax and calm your tense and heavy muscle aches and also Ginger helps to warms up your muscles (heat is always good for strong muscle aches and cramps - no wonder that hot yoga is so effective too!;)).


I really like such organic body stuff on myself as I'm a very sensitive child, if it comes to use some effective creams and balms against some sort of aches like muscle aches. I'd recommend it for your daily gym/sport lessons, for hard worker, for moms who are tired of the daily routine, for students who are walking long distance to school or up and down with heavy school bags and for all other who just felt tired and or got some muscle cramps.

Available in good sorted organic shops like: Whole Foods or Infinity Foods or in their official Badger Balm online shop (here - comes in 2 sizes: 2 oz or .75 oz).


JE SUIS - GRAND CANYON Collection (GLORY Swimsuit)*

Hi guys,

the last month I've received to further gorgeous swimwear from the latest Je Suis by Rachel Pappo swimwear collection for Summer 2015!;) This swimsuit/one piece is from their Grand Canyon Col. and it's called "Glory" (available in Sizes: 36-44):

So I've fall in love with the shape, the cut out back and the tassel with the two translucent orange pearls;) I'd recommend it to you if you like bright colors and if you've a nice tan or are black!;) As I'm pale and I'm thinking even if I really like this swimsuit it doesn't really match with my skin type - green and yellow isn't for pale girls like me;)!

You can buy this "Glory" swimsuit/one piece from Je Suis by Rachel Pappo at Alba Moda or in other high-end and well sorted swimwear shops accross Austria, Germany, Switzerland or Netherlands.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

DOVES FARM - Agave Nectar Flapjacks

Hi guys,

long time ago I've reviewed (made pic's) of this yummy healthy flapjack bars by Doves Farm - while I was shopping in Infinity Foods in Brighton - they are sooooo delicious!

They are gluten-/milk-/peanut-/egg-/soya free so perfect for vegans (I'm NOT one but think that this is a vegan bar too) and contains creamy agave nectar and wholegrain oats. The don't contain any crystal sugar JUST agave nectar and a tiny pinch of salt.

It comes in a 4 pack or you can buy it as a single bar (for trying;)) too! They aren't too expensive for organic/healthy bars (as there are more kind of such bars with a much higher price!) and they are really worth to try!


I'd really recommend this product to you if you're living a healthy lifestyle, are allergic against gluten-/milk-/soya etc. or vegan. As this is a very healthy but yummy bar;)!



Hi everyone,

I'd like to write about my fav' lip products this spring - of course in the shade Pink!;) Pink is one of my fav' shades, well NOT the classic neon bright Pink more the pastell light rose baby Pink shade - as it suits perfectly to pale, blue eyes and blonde hair.

NO I'm NOT a Barbie type - if you know what I mean;)

I'm not really a lip gloss fan (in fact I've just 3 or 4!) I'm hating since my first time the sticky and glossy feeling on my lips - the only one I love with the light vanilla pudding scent is from Max Factor!;)

Lip Pencils are a great alternative to matte lipsticks - if you don't have dry lips or lips who are often dry as lip pencils can cause lip dryness!

Arm swatch:

Catrice (060) lip pencil, Maybelline New York (132) lip pencil, Maybelline New York Color Drama (Minimalist) lip pencil, Max Factor (Pristine Nude, Luxurious Berry) Colour Elixir Gloss

I love pastell shades and Pink/Rose is my fav' BUT if you're reading my blog a longer time or since my start back in 2012 - you know guys that I love red lips too!;)


REVLON - PhotoReady BB Cream + Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Hi guys,

as I'm not a fan of big amount of makeup, cake makeup faces - I prefer during my days off work or on weekends a lighter version in form of different BB or CC creams and this one is one of my latest in my whole amount of makeups:

It's called "PhotoReady BB Cream" with a Broad Spectrum SPF 30 by Revlon and creates a medium coverage (so great for normal as well as sensitive skin without or less imperfections).

This BB Cream is available in 3 shades: Light, Light/Medium and Medium - I've got the lightest, which I found in Boots (London area) and it seems to be more for sunnier days - as I'm pretty pale and it's still a shade darker than my skin BUT I'm positively surprised about the moisture, non-oily result and long lasting finish!

Before and after blend into the skin (looks really natural and it's almost invisible):

I'd recommend this product to all of you - who likes more natural makeup looks or all of you who are under 18 or in your teenager years - this one is perfect for school as well as working hours!

Revlon created with "PhotoReady BB Cream + Broad Spectrum SPF 30" another great makeup product - which will have a space in my makeup collection for a long long time - as it's really good for a drugstore product!

Did you've ever tried this BB Cream out or other Revlon products?! How you found the texture, pigmentation, shade range?!