Sunday, 15 March 2015

VITAMINS - PART 1: Chlorella

Hi guys,

I'm usually the kinda person, who prefers fresh veggies and fruits but some minerals, vitamins aren't easy to get or to find in each daily nutrition - therefore I'm using 2 - 3 different tablets each day (Beta Carotene/Vitamin A, Chlorella and Spirulina) and also try to drink each week 2-3 glasses of green juices with Wheatgrass and other greens, which detoxifying and protects against bad environment and protects against the sun (to avoid a further nasty bad sun burn like I'd in my childhood and teen years!):

Chlorella helps to detoxify your body, fights against beeing tired and gives energy, also good for your immunity! It contains a high amount of proteins - so great for all sport fanatics too!

My Chlorella comes in a 750! tablet can (you can eat each day 15 tablets - I usually eat 5-10) 

Nutrition of 15 tablets/day:

Energy 56.9kj/13.5kcal, Protein 2.21 g, Sugar 0.56g, Fat 0.26 mg, Calcium 31.9 mg, Magnesium 18.8 mg, Iron 2.8 mg, chlorophyl 90 mg, beta caroten 1.7 mg, vitamin A 0.14 mg, vitamin C 0.83 mg, vitamin B6 18.75, vitamin B2 22.5 , vitamin B1 15, CGF 0.53 g

They are just smelling a bit (like each kinda sea grass and algae plant;)

You can get different chlorella tablets from different brands mine is a 100% pure Chlorella from Medicol (czech brand) and you can buy a 250pack for 175 Kc or 750pack for 320 Kc.

Other brands:

Pukka Clean Chlorella tablets (available in 150 or 400 tablets pack)
Synergy Natural Premium Chlorella (200/500 tablets pack),Organic Chlorella (200/500/1000 tablets pack)

Did you've ever tried Chlorella powder or tablets/capsules out - I'd recommend 100% without any other ingredients (which are sometimes cheaper as there's probably not really an high amount of chlorella in it!).


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