Sunday, 8 March 2015


Hi guys,

I've been using the last month and this too (pretty long time for someone who's interested almost each week on new facial care products;)) a great facial cleansing and pampering range by the british organic brand Skin Blossom (even the word blossom makes me feel even more fresh - if you know what I mean?!):

The reason, that I'm using 3 products: Quite simple - Wash / Moisture for the Face / Moisture for Eyes (important for someone like me who tend to get dark circles even if I'm not working overnight!).

Skin Blossom - Reviving Eye Cream (this baby is awesome!) - 5.95 pounds:
Well the only disadvantage (for me - the perfectionist:)) is, that the letters on the packaging doesn't stay a very long time or went in different direction - that you've instead 85% Organic a letter salad;)

The Skin Blossom eye cream comes in a pump bottle (which is pretty good to avoid using to much!) and hydrates your upper and inner eye lid/area - avoids getting dark eye circles and fine lines for all over 30!;)

Skin Blossom - Organic Nourishing Face Moisturiser (love the texture and light scent) - 7.95 pounds:

This quite small bottle (50ml) will NOT last you a pretty long time approx. 1-2 months if you're using it as a night cream as well (what I'm doing as I'm pretty lazy to use even more products beside my other tons of cosmetics;)) BUT it's good! Filled rich with lots of healthy oils, moisturizers and protects your skin against dirty environment (like our whole earth is already a mass! which isn't so good for our skin!) well and contains antioxidants as well.

Skin Blossom - Organic Face Wash (calm to your skin, avoids redness, soft and smooth) - 6.95 pounds:

It's a simple organic face wash, not with a special scent (which I sometimes really enjoy - good for relaxing;)) and calm to each skin type - also for sensitive skin!

The sizes of each bottle again:

Well they are not so expensive BUT the sizes are as well not really big (mean the eye cream and the face moisturizer - the face wash is pretty good size!).

All in all - Skin Blossom creates good facial care products, organic, natural and worth to try out - I'll continue to use and re-buy the gentle face wash and try other products out - well but it's nice to have all facial care products from one brand too!;)


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