Sunday, 8 March 2015


Hi everyone;),

the last months I've been asking my mum how one of the latest Nivea Q10 products are on her skin (as she's older and this range is made for using if you're higher age - not recommend for teens, 20s!) and she was absolutely surprised about the good moisture and especially about the Nivea :

Nivea Q10 plus anti wrinkle day/night facial care & Nivea Q10 plus anti wrinkle serum

Nivea Q10 plus anti wrinkle serum - € 14.99

The Q10 plus anti wrinkle serum comes in a pump bottle and it looks like "caviar" but after you squeeze a tiny bit out it has a pudding creamy kinda texture - it's really comfortable and smooth on your face (like my mum's described me;)) and it's absolutely great for fine lines - as they could really remove! My mum's won't really change just get smoother as in an higher age (like over 60s) you could not really fade away all your wrinkles unless you're going to a surgery!;)

 Nivea Q10 plus anti wrinkle day cream € 14.79/ night cream € 16.49
Both the Nivea Q10 plus anti wrinkle day and night cream are rich, not oily, highly hydrating and contains Q10  (how guess it?!;)) - they are quite fast absorbing and leaves your facial skin moist, pampered and sun protect with SPF 15 during the day - the night cream is a bit more richer to get the extra care!

They are all in all really good (as well convenient;)) facial care products for fine lines/wrinkles and higher age (can be used from middle 30s as well but NOT in your 20s guys!).


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