Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hi everyone,

I've recently (that's NOT true, 1-2 months ago!) received a great package from the great brand Nivea - which contains their brandnew shaving care/razor range and I've been absolutely amazed about the smooth result after shaving as well as that I've not got the nasty spots after some razors (you know what I mean - if you're shaving some parts of your body!;)):

Nivea Protect & Shave 3pack razor - € 8.99*

It comes in a 3 pack - which is quite nice as you can use each razor 2-3 times (depends how many parts you're shaving - whether just your axle, legs or intime;)).

What to use during the shaving and after - to create the perfect shave:

Nivea After Shave € 3.99, Nivea Protect & Shave shaving gel € 3.79, Nivea Shower & Shave shower € 2.59

1. Nivea Protect & Shave shaving gel with vitamin E - protects against any skin irritations
2. Nivea Shower & Shave shower - skin care and makes it easier to shave with a creamy foam
3. Nivea After Shave body lotion - calm your shaved skin and gives 24h moisture with panthenol

The front part is the foamy one - with aloe vera enriched and avoids skin irritations too!;)

It's a great inovation for Nivea and I'm sure, that they'll bring out different kind of shaving lotions with other scents as well as maybe they could bring out metallic shavers as retro limited edition - would be really nice!;)


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