Monday, 30 March 2015


Hi guys,

sorry (after almost mio. sorries;)) I've been currently really busy and started to work here in London - therefore I've not found time as well as don't had the mood to post some new topics on my blog (but if you're a new reader/visitor - feel free to read the past, which will take you some hours to read them all;)).

I've been using my beloved baby pink Mia 2 facial brush the last months (January - March) not really much BUT started using it again - as I've bought recently at Westfield the Clarisonic Delicate Skin Brush Head - which suits perfect for Sensitive/Dry and Normal Skin.

It looks pretty with the blue head on my pale pink Mia 2 and gives a smooth peel during cleansing my face from nasty makeup after a long working day.

Mia 2 Pink - £125.00*

I'd definitively spend money on a Clarisonic facial brush or a cheaper version like the one by Olaz - as it gives you the extra cleanse and make your facial skin smoother, healthier looking and fights against nasty impurities/imperfections.

Did you've been using one of Clarisonic Facial Brushes yet and which is your fav' brush head?!


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