Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hi guys,

the last time I'm trying out to drink almost each day some green juices to create a kinda healthy detoxing through the day and tried out already the Wheatgrass from Bioglan (5.99 pounds) - therefore I've been really excited to try out one of their Supergreens (available in Berry Burst, Supergreens and Cacao Boots).

It comes in a 100g sachet for 19.99 pounds (sometimes if you look at Holland & Barrett it is on sale for 9.99 pounds!;)) And last for approx. 20 drinks - depends how much you really use in your smoothie you'll need maybe a bit more!

It has a great berry color in your glass (if you're drinking it just with water or pineapple juice) and tastes 100% better with a juice or in smoothies as if you're drinking it simple in water - I don't know, reminds me on a childhood flu medicine with strawberry flavour;)

Bioglan has a wide range of great superfoods and green juices as well as other interesting healthy food extras!

Did you've ever tried out some of their products?! What's your fav' or how you're drinking this Supergreens (if you're drinking it as well;))?!


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