Monday, 30 March 2015


Hi guys,

sorry (after almost mio. sorries;)) I've been currently really busy and started to work here in London - therefore I've not found time as well as don't had the mood to post some new topics on my blog (but if you're a new reader/visitor - feel free to read the past, which will take you some hours to read them all;)).

I've been using my beloved baby pink Mia 2 facial brush the last months (January - March) not really much BUT started using it again - as I've bought recently at Westfield the Clarisonic Delicate Skin Brush Head - which suits perfect for Sensitive/Dry and Normal Skin.

It looks pretty with the blue head on my pale pink Mia 2 and gives a smooth peel during cleansing my face from nasty makeup after a long working day.

Mia 2 Pink - £125.00*

I'd definitively spend money on a Clarisonic facial brush or a cheaper version like the one by Olaz - as it gives you the extra cleanse and make your facial skin smoother, healthier looking and fights against nasty impurities/imperfections.

Did you've been using one of Clarisonic Facial Brushes yet and which is your fav' brush head?!


Sunday, 15 March 2015


Hi guys,

the last month I've been using a lot nude eyeshadow shades, nude lip pencils and glosses and has kept my makeup more natural than I'm doing now - using again bright red, pink shades as spring is coming and summer isn't far away and great for brighter shades!

But anyway, this look is pretty flawless and natural nude - great for work/school/meet ups!;)

What I've been using:

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundaion (True Ivory)
Everyday Minerals Creme Conceal Stick* (Vanilla)
Benefit Cosmetics they're real! push-up liner*
Benefit Cosmetics dandelion - brightening face powder/blush
Bourjois Paris Delice de Poudre (Highlighter + Bronzer)
Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder (Translucent)
Catrice Eye Brow Stylist (Date With Ash-ton)
Max Factor Wild Shadow Pot* (Pale Pebble)
Bourjois Paris Palette Smoky Stories (Over Rose)

Hope you've found it a bit inspiring and see you soon here on my pink page!;)


VITAMINS - PART 1: Chlorella

Hi guys,

I'm usually the kinda person, who prefers fresh veggies and fruits but some minerals, vitamins aren't easy to get or to find in each daily nutrition - therefore I'm using 2 - 3 different tablets each day (Beta Carotene/Vitamin A, Chlorella and Spirulina) and also try to drink each week 2-3 glasses of green juices with Wheatgrass and other greens, which detoxifying and protects against bad environment and protects against the sun (to avoid a further nasty bad sun burn like I'd in my childhood and teen years!):

Chlorella helps to detoxify your body, fights against beeing tired and gives energy, also good for your immunity! It contains a high amount of proteins - so great for all sport fanatics too!

My Chlorella comes in a 750! tablet can (you can eat each day 15 tablets - I usually eat 5-10) 

Nutrition of 15 tablets/day:

Energy 56.9kj/13.5kcal, Protein 2.21 g, Sugar 0.56g, Fat 0.26 mg, Calcium 31.9 mg, Magnesium 18.8 mg, Iron 2.8 mg, chlorophyl 90 mg, beta caroten 1.7 mg, vitamin A 0.14 mg, vitamin C 0.83 mg, vitamin B6 18.75, vitamin B2 22.5 , vitamin B1 15, CGF 0.53 g

They are just smelling a bit (like each kinda sea grass and algae plant;)

You can get different chlorella tablets from different brands mine is a 100% pure Chlorella from Medicol (czech brand) and you can buy a 250pack for 175 Kc or 750pack for 320 Kc.

Other brands:

Pukka Clean Chlorella tablets (available in 150 or 400 tablets pack)
Synergy Natural Premium Chlorella (200/500 tablets pack),Organic Chlorella (200/500/1000 tablets pack)

Did you've ever tried Chlorella powder or tablets/capsules out - I'd recommend 100% without any other ingredients (which are sometimes cheaper as there's probably not really an high amount of chlorella in it!).


Saturday, 14 March 2015


Hi guys,

this is (I really promise;)) the last part and post about the Kew Gardens - as there was the orchid flower parade, I don't wanted to not show you the nice decorated glass house and the bright and wide collection of different orchids:

I really like the pastel shades so especially the pink one (typical;)) have been my fav' (even if I'm not really liking orchids;)).



Hi everyone,

so now comes the 2nd part, which is more a tropical version - I love palm trees and the tropical kinda summer vacation plants - so therefore I've been 100% positively excited about the whole palm/cactus/plant collection at Kew Gardens:

Kew Gardens is AMAZING - you find sooo many special places there and see sooo many exciting things like e.g. - this sweet little pineapple;)!



Hi guys,

the last days were very stressful and busy - therefore I'm glad, that I've made last week during my LONG walk through Kew Gardens some lovely photos - which I'm glad to show you:

Everywhere I've escaped some lovely Spring Greetings (whether it was like the above blowing flowers or just fresh palm trees and the blue sky with sunny shine;)). Kew Gardens is a visit worth (each season!).


Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hi everyone,

I've recently (that's NOT true, 1-2 months ago!) received a great package from the great brand Nivea - which contains their brandnew shaving care/razor range and I've been absolutely amazed about the smooth result after shaving as well as that I've not got the nasty spots after some razors (you know what I mean - if you're shaving some parts of your body!;)):

Nivea Protect & Shave 3pack razor - € 8.99*

It comes in a 3 pack - which is quite nice as you can use each razor 2-3 times (depends how many parts you're shaving - whether just your axle, legs or intime;)).

What to use during the shaving and after - to create the perfect shave:

Nivea After Shave € 3.99, Nivea Protect & Shave shaving gel € 3.79, Nivea Shower & Shave shower € 2.59

1. Nivea Protect & Shave shaving gel with vitamin E - protects against any skin irritations
2. Nivea Shower & Shave shower - skin care and makes it easier to shave with a creamy foam
3. Nivea After Shave body lotion - calm your shaved skin and gives 24h moisture with panthenol

The front part is the foamy one - with aloe vera enriched and avoids skin irritations too!;)

It's a great inovation for Nivea and I'm sure, that they'll bring out different kind of shaving lotions with other scents as well as maybe they could bring out metallic shavers as retro limited edition - would be really nice!;)