Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Hi guys,

recently I'm fighting again with my extremely dry/eczema hands and try almost every kind of hand treatments and found the Hemp Hand Oil during one of my last Brighton shopping haul days at The Body Shop:

The Body Shop - Hemp Hand Oil (7.50 pounds)

This hemp hand oil is NOT too oily, as it sets into your skin really well, which is pretty awesome as I can use it during the day as well!;) It also contains almond oil and other ingredients - so it's not a 100% hemp oil BUT I can definitely agree, that the hemp extract is pretty good for eczema and dry skin and cals the irritated skin really well!


The glass bottle as well as the whole packaging design is really lovely made and it is just the traditional The Body Shop design!

As well as the amount of 15ml, which is not bad at all will last you approx. 1 month - depends how often you're using it (I'm 2-3 times, 2 squeezes/a day).

This is the amount I'm normally squeezing on my hands and massage it gently into my skin!

I hope you've found this review a bit informative and interesting and if you've as well very dry skin or a kind of eczema don't waste your time and try this hemp hand oil out - it's not a magic product (won't remove all dry parts and fade away eczema) BUT it moisturize and avoids further dryness!;)


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