Sunday, 15 February 2015


Hi my beloved readers,

as singer and music lover I'm always on the hunt for good audio systems/radios/vinyl players/etc. and therefore I'm VERY glad, that Sony wanted to cooperate with me and give me the chance to try out one of their latest wireless HiFi audio systems (CMT-X3CD), which is available in 3 shades: classic black, silver and red:

It comes with a thick manual booklet, where you can find everything from the prep (position/function of the control elements, remote prep, install of the time), CD replay, radio program, USB replay, Bluetooth replay, bug fix and further safety and technical data.

Manual "Personal Audio System" booklet, remote, european guarantee information document, antenna/aerial

I'm really surprised about the high-end finish, I'm not really a fan of black BUT this one looks sooo pretty in classic black with the combination of dark grey metallic front loudspeaker as well as the matte dark grey metallic finish on the left and right side.

What I especially love on this wireless HiFi audio system:

The Size - fits almost in each corner of my home (REALLY thin for an audio system! 34cm/17.3cm)
The antenna/aerial must not be hang somewhere - you can let it behind the audio system on the shelf
The sound is 100% clear, realistic - like you'd be on a concert almost! You feel the beat!
Easiest way to listen to your music on USB, phone, ipod or through bluetooth with NFC onetouch
FM-radio tuner included with the option: Manual, Automatic - Stereo/Mono
Aaaaand it has a CD player included - how awesome for someone who's still playing "real" music!;)

What I don't really like on this product:

The touchpad (where you can regulate the volume, drop the CD etc.) is VERY glossy and shiny and you see almost EVERY time some dust;(
.....that's all;)!

How it sounds like (with "Take Me To Church" by Hozier):

I am really impressed and positively surprised about the quality (well I've already got some other Sony products in the past - which were as well very good of quality BUT you never can be sure, that each product has the same quality if you know what I mean). This product is really a great gift for yourself, if you're a student/young person - who doesn't can affort at the moment an expensive audio system BUT searching for a very good sound, beat as well as quality and fancy design with the option to play almost each type of data (carrier) - the CMT-X3CD is relatively low priced (£129.00 or € 149,00) and fulfill your needs!

I'd give 9stars of 10 for this wireless HiFi audio system - just because I've been a bit disappointed about the glossy surface on top and the visible dust - BUT that's just me, it doesn't affect the quality it's just a small design failure - as you'd need to wipe the dust each second away;).

Did you've already seen or did you've bought the CMT-X3CD wireless HiFi audio system by Sony already?! - What are your opinion and 1st impressions?!;)


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