Monday, 23 February 2015


Hi my beloved readers,

today I'd like to introduce to you the Sony Waterproof Walkman with NFC & Bluetooth (yeah babe;)) - this is the perfect product for you sportive girl or boy, who loves to listen to the latest charts or fav' songs while taking 100 rounds in the pool or sea or if you're fast walking or running a marathon (and won't be disturbed by some non-sense calls from the audience;)):

Sony Waterproof Walkman with NFC & Bluetooth - € 149.00 / £129.00

Sony Waterproof Walkman with NFC & Bluetooth comes with a ton of information sheets as well as the guarantee sheet and a LOTS of different earbuds for swimming and regular using!

The packaging itself is really fresh, modern and high-end - it's definitely a nice gift for each active person as well as just for electronic nerds!;)  (as the introduction and first use is a bit tricky - or maybe just for blonde girls like me;)).

It contains:

Adjustment band, Product holder (the clear one), Quick Start Guide (in many languages), Remote control, Standard-type & Swimming earbuds (small/medium/large/extra large sizes), USB dock (the black one;))

The difference between the regular/standard earbuds and the swimming earbuds is quite easy - you see on the pic' above, that the swimming earbuds have a closed hole - which is in fact the difference! It covers each earbud and prevents to get damaged due to water as well as it optimises the sound level, especially if you're diving or just underwater.

It's great for smartphones, especially for iPhones as well as iPods to transfer your fav' sounds and songs and make your sport hours NOT so boring! SoundMix also mixes your music and apps together - so no interruption during your workout - as the Audio playback is automatically paused to deliver app alerts or read texts aloud before mixing your fav' music straight back in - low stress!;)

Also the built-in microphone makes it easier while you're swimming or running (even if it's hard to speak sometimes while running;)) to take important phone calls and re-arrange meetings or other important work while there's a bluetooth connectivity, you can answer and make calls wirelessly from your (smart-)phone.

This Sony Waterproof Walkman with NFC & Bluetooth is available in 3 shades & 2 storage sizes: 

Shades: Black / Blue / Green
Storage Sizes: 4 GB (€ 149.00 / £129.00) or 16 GB (€ 199.00 / £169.00)

So I've been TOTALLY impressed by the light weight of the headphones actually, about the handeling (after my 1st impression;)) and about that it works almost with each computer programm, smartphone!

Don't waist time if you're searching for good headphones with waterproof earbuds for your next active hours out - Sony Waterproof Walkman with integrated Bluetooth and NFC does the job really well!;)


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