Thursday, 19 February 2015


Hi readers,

after almost 2 days back in Brighton I should maybe start again with blogging - sorry, my life is now a bit too confusing and I'm also having grey days often - well reality isn't always beautiful!

BUT I'm enjoying recently more cups of fresh brewed warm tea than I've used to drink the last months (even if I'm a tea lover and addicted person - durin' my hotel accommodation, I've not really had the mood go each night into the hotel own kitchen and make ma' cuppa - so I went to coffee shops or other tea shops;)).

Sonnentor - "Ginger Sun" / " Ingwer Sonne" - € 3.29

Sonnentor recently sent me some of their teas and as I'm interested to try out each (carefully WITHOUT burn my foot again with hot water!) I'd like to start with "Ginger Sun"/"Ingwer Sonne" - which is a spicy herbal tea and perfect for the flu time as well as if you'd like to fight against the cold! - As ginger warms up yourself from the inside!;)


Ginger (33%), lemongrass, ceylon-cinnamon, orange peel, cardamom, licorice, lemon balm (5%), rose flower, sunflower floral leaves

It has a light yellowish shade and it really warms up your inner body and gives you a kinda natural energy for further stressful times during the day!;)

Sonnentor really not only creates different herbal/fruit/black/rooibos/white/mixed teas BUT as well really designs fresh and unique packaging - really like the patterns on each teabag!;)


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