Saturday, 14 February 2015


Hi guys,

the last days I've eaten each morning the Sonnentor Bio Bengelchen "Müslischatz" (muesli treasure) for breakfast - which is a healthier kind of muesli/cereal:

Sonnentor Bio-Bengelchen "Müslischatz", 270g, 4.89€


spelt oats, oatmeal, spelt flakes (spelt, honey, barley malt, sea salt), spelt pops (spelt, honey), fruits 7% (dry bananas, strawberries), vanilla powder 1%

Without Milk:
With Milk:

This muesli tastes really tasty! It isn't too sweet and not too "healthy tasting" - if you know, what I mean - it has been created for children BUT I'm sure many of us adults love it too;)! I'm pretty surprised about the vanilla powder/bourbon vanilla - as you can see it in the milk! The only disadvantage is - that they could add more fruits, more strawberries - 7% isn't really much!

So if you're searching for a new type of muesli for your kids or yourself - to start the day a bit healthier, try out the Bio-Bengelchen "Müslischatz" by Sonnentor!;)

The "Müslischatz" muesli as well as other products are available in each official Sonnentor store in Austria, Germany and Czech Republic as well as in some organic shops.


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