Thursday, 19 February 2015


Hi guys,

another great collection comes from Kiton - which is an high-end and luxury clothes brand (some of you, I'm sure, already know it;)). This years Spring & Summer '15 woman collection includes classic shapes, patterns and reminds me strongly on the modern 50's and 60's:

(Photo Credit: Kiton)

This is the typical 50s date out/dinner dress - which makes a perfect business outfit in the office as well!

(Photo Credit: Kiton)

This is just a DREAM - the vintage touch and timeless coat - is perfect for the next spring cold days!

(Photo Credit: Kiton)

It's a kinda polo shirt - but a bit thicker and have a very 40's and 50's touch but still modern - well more unique!

(Photo Credit: Kiton)

This would suit sooooo perfectly one of my fav' tv persons/writers - Ellen DeGeneres (The Ellen DeGeneres Show)!

(Photo Credit: Kiton)

Another denim blue fabric blazer/jacket - which reminds me strongly on the 40s and 50s - Lucille Ball would be amazed - I'm sure!;)

Did you've already heard about Kiton high-end and lux' clothes?! They are not priced - they have prices on application!

(non-paid PR Post)

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