Thursday, 5 February 2015


Hi guys,

I'm an huge chewing gum lover, more honestly descriped as the girl who has always a gum in her mouth (unfortunately almost always;)) and it's like an addiction - well NOT that kind of addiction, that I would get angry without BUT it helps me with my concentration on other things like: studying (during my school time), writing/editing (blogging), just if I need more concentration and it keeps my breath and mouth fresh and its just a habit;)!

Well BUT this post should be more about one of my all time fav' chewing gum flavor and brand since I've first visited Big Apple back in 2011 - I'm a big fan of Extra Dessert Delights gums (can you imagine - just the word Dessert keeps our mouth a bit more watery or?!;)) and especially the Mint Chocolate Chip one - which have the (artificial) flavour of minty choc' chip ice cream (like you'd chew' Ben Jerrys mint choc' ice cream to be honest!).

 The sticks are my fav' chewing gum type - as I don't really like the small dragee gums - I'm more the classic gum chewer;)!

The packaging is as well quite funky and bright with a good pic' of real choc' minty ice cream and the only disadvantage is, that while I'm in Brighton I need to pay in sweet shops for imported american gum 2.50 pounds and in NYC I'd pay for 2 or sometimes for 3 packs of this gum the same price;(!

Extra Dessert Delights are a great alternative to regular spearmint or peppermint gums and definitely worth to give it a try!;)


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