Thursday, 5 February 2015


Hi my beloved readers:),

the last time I've been quite often showering instead taking a bath (WELL as I'm in a hotel room where no bathtub is available unfortunately I've to take showers - for a bath type like me a bit frustrating after a while;)) and therefore I've been using shower gels with different tasty scents to make it even more comfortable for me;) (I hate take showers!)

Lastly I've found a tube of Lavender & Chamomile shower gel/body wash by deep steep from - which calm down your mind after a stressful day as well it smells soooo nice after lavender (BUT not too strong - like grandma' or so;)) and slightly after chamomile and other herbals - a quite lux' product!:

The lovely packaging design with its lilac shade and classic letters as well as the cute deep steep official logo makes this product even more high-end and the plastic tube is a recycling product (good to know;)!).

The amount of 237ml is quite a regular size of shower gel/body wash and as it contains organic aloe vera leaf juice as well as organi shea butter and other organic ingredients the price of  $ 9.95 or 8.75 pounds (feel unique) or for 4.99 pounds at TK Maxx is totally acceptable!


Good to know as well, that deep steep body washes are cruelty free and are made in the USA!;)
How to use it (for all of you who would like to know their original Use Rule;)):

Apply to a wet mesh sponge (I personally would use a sea spong to massage the skin more!) or washcloth, work into a lather and smooth over skin. Rinse.

I'm really highly impressed and positively surprised about this shower gel/body wash by deep steep and would like to try in the future the whole range of their body washes as well as bubble baths (as I'm thinking positively, that I'll soon have a chance to take a bath;)).

Did you've ever tried some of deep steep body/hand/hair care products out yet?!


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