Thursday, 5 February 2015


Hi guys,

currently most of last few days in Brighton were beautiful blue sky and sunny and that let me think more and more about spring and summer. Therefore I've been really happy to receive further great inspirations from comma fashion - where pastel shades and flower patterns are representing this years spring collection:

(Photo Credit: comma)

This gorgeous white flower statement necklace suits perfectly each pastel/flower pattern dress and gives your whole outfit the extra fresh spring touch!;) - 39.99 €
(Photo Credit: comma)

This vintage shaped and patterned dress reminds me strongly on the late 50s / early 60s - it shows the pureness and feminine side of each women!;) - 139.99 €

(Photo Credit: comma)
This blazer has the same pattern like the dress above and suits perfectly to a basic white tee with some slim jeans as a casual business spring outfit or with a baby/pale pink etui dress and the necklace above as a very classic but sweet look for afternoon tea or just shopping in Beverly Hills (like in Clueless;)) - 139.99 €

comma has really created another great collection for casual as well as business days and pimped them up with fresh floral patterns to make this spring season even more brighter and nicer with pastel and powder shades!;)

(non-paid PR post)

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