Friday, 13 February 2015

BERNARD FOREVER - La Musique Dans La Peau! (Tattoo Set)

Hi my beloved readers;),

I've arrived back home (yes sleeping in my pale pink bedroom and having the pleasure to take a bath instead of a shower;)) almost 3 days ago and my bust to London/Brighton will go next Monday! 

Well, well, pretty stressed BUT after arriving back home I've firstly was soooo happy to see mum;) as well as to see the HUGE amount of things I've got sent home from different brands/companies for test them out, review about them etc. - so stay excited what next will be here - a mixture of all things I'm enjoying using, loving, interested in etc. (etc. seems to be my next fav' words;)).

Anyway, this is a special 1st post about Bernard's Forever non-permanent and hyper-allergic as well as non-toxic tattoos!

For a person like me - who's changing always mind and motives it's EVEN BETTER than removing a real tattoo - THAT's honestly the reason, why I'm still NOT having a real one. I'm sure after 1 or 2 months I'd say, oh I'm wondering, whether it will hurt to remove it to get another motive - as this already is out of date;)!

Therefore I've been pretty excited to try out some of Bernard Forever tattoo Sets - here's a small BUT very cute and lovely collection of "La Musique Dans La Peau!"/ :

La Musique Dans La Peau! Tattoo Set - 7 € (includes 16 tattoos) - Bernard Forever

I'm pretty much surprised, that the tattoo turns to be so realistic - the only disadvantage - it fades/removes REALLY fast - so if you're taking a bath/shower each day - you'll need to protect it with a lip balm - as body lotion will helps to remove it too!

Did you've ever wore non-permanent tattoos (like Bernard Forever) after your childhood/teenage days - I'm thinking it's such a better option, than to hurt yourself and to wore 1 tattoo your whole life (if you're not prepared to remove it someday;)).


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