Monday, 23 February 2015


Hi my beloved readers,

today I'd like to introduce to you the Sony Waterproof Walkman with NFC & Bluetooth (yeah babe;)) - this is the perfect product for you sportive girl or boy, who loves to listen to the latest charts or fav' songs while taking 100 rounds in the pool or sea or if you're fast walking or running a marathon (and won't be disturbed by some non-sense calls from the audience;)):

Sony Waterproof Walkman with NFC & Bluetooth - € 149.00 / £129.00

Sony Waterproof Walkman with NFC & Bluetooth comes with a ton of information sheets as well as the guarantee sheet and a LOTS of different earbuds for swimming and regular using!

The packaging itself is really fresh, modern and high-end - it's definitely a nice gift for each active person as well as just for electronic nerds!;)  (as the introduction and first use is a bit tricky - or maybe just for blonde girls like me;)).

It contains:

Adjustment band, Product holder (the clear one), Quick Start Guide (in many languages), Remote control, Standard-type & Swimming earbuds (small/medium/large/extra large sizes), USB dock (the black one;))

The difference between the regular/standard earbuds and the swimming earbuds is quite easy - you see on the pic' above, that the swimming earbuds have a closed hole - which is in fact the difference! It covers each earbud and prevents to get damaged due to water as well as it optimises the sound level, especially if you're diving or just underwater.

It's great for smartphones, especially for iPhones as well as iPods to transfer your fav' sounds and songs and make your sport hours NOT so boring! SoundMix also mixes your music and apps together - so no interruption during your workout - as the Audio playback is automatically paused to deliver app alerts or read texts aloud before mixing your fav' music straight back in - low stress!;)

Also the built-in microphone makes it easier while you're swimming or running (even if it's hard to speak sometimes while running;)) to take important phone calls and re-arrange meetings or other important work while there's a bluetooth connectivity, you can answer and make calls wirelessly from your (smart-)phone.

This Sony Waterproof Walkman with NFC & Bluetooth is available in 3 shades & 2 storage sizes: 

Shades: Black / Blue / Green
Storage Sizes: 4 GB (€ 149.00 / £129.00) or 16 GB (€ 199.00 / £169.00)

So I've been TOTALLY impressed by the light weight of the headphones actually, about the handeling (after my 1st impression;)) and about that it works almost with each computer programm, smartphone!

Don't waist time if you're searching for good headphones with waterproof earbuds for your next active hours out - Sony Waterproof Walkman with integrated Bluetooth and NFC does the job really well!;)


Friday, 20 February 2015


Hi my beloved readers,

I'm a VERY romantical person, especially when it comes to wear the right lingerie for special occasions like for example : Marriage!

Well I'm NOT engaged (at the moment - well I've a LOT of time;)) BUT if I'd ever be engaged or have the luck to marry - I'd choose a vintage themed marriage and white lingerie!

Silk Nightgown - € 99.90:
 (Photo Credit: Intimissimi Italian Lingerie)

Therefore I've really found the latest Spring/Summer Bridal Collection '15 by Intimissimi VERY high-end and perfect to celebrate the most important day of life (for many of you!;)):

Padded Bandeau Bra (€ 35.90) and Brazilian (€ 12.90):
 (Photo Credit: Intimissimi Italian Lingerie)

Chemise - € 59.90: 
 (Photo Credit: Intimissimi Italian Lingerie)

Bridal Bra (€ 35.90) & Bridal Brazil Slip (€ 12.90):
 (Photo Credits: Intimissimi Italian Lingerie)

I'm really a fan of Intimissimi Italian Lingerie since I've been a teenager - as their bra's are soooo comfortable and good fitting!;)

Did you've ever bought lingerie at Intimissimi?! Are you searching for the perfect bridal bra and slip?! - Check out Intimissimi!;)

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DEPOT - Blossoms & Butterflies

Hi guys,

as spring and summer isn't far away now and some of us are thinking already about some nice home re-decoration after the cold season - Depot designed the perfect pastel shade spring decoration for this year with a LOT of butterflies (which shouldn't be missed in any home!;)):

Butterfly Pillow (30 * 50 cm) - € 9.99:
(Photo Credit: Depot)

White Frame with glass bottles (Set) - € 24.97:
(Photo Credit: Depot)

Butterfly Decor (14 * 5 *16 cm) - € 8.99:
(Photo Credit: Depot)

Butterfly Art Picture with wooden frame (30 * 40 cm) - € 14.99:
(Photo Credit: Depot)

Butterfly Vase (5 *12 cm) - € 5.99:
(Photo Credit: Depot)

Depot really offers good home decorations and candles as well as small furnitures for your 4 walls and the price is not too high (2 positive points!;)).

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Thursday, 19 February 2015


Hi guys,

another great collection comes from Kiton - which is an high-end and luxury clothes brand (some of you, I'm sure, already know it;)). This years Spring & Summer '15 woman collection includes classic shapes, patterns and reminds me strongly on the modern 50's and 60's:

(Photo Credit: Kiton)

This is the typical 50s date out/dinner dress - which makes a perfect business outfit in the office as well!

(Photo Credit: Kiton)

This is just a DREAM - the vintage touch and timeless coat - is perfect for the next spring cold days!

(Photo Credit: Kiton)

It's a kinda polo shirt - but a bit thicker and have a very 40's and 50's touch but still modern - well more unique!

(Photo Credit: Kiton)

This would suit sooooo perfectly one of my fav' tv persons/writers - Ellen DeGeneres (The Ellen DeGeneres Show)!

(Photo Credit: Kiton)

Another denim blue fabric blazer/jacket - which reminds me strongly on the 40s and 50s - Lucille Ball would be amazed - I'm sure!;)

Did you've already heard about Kiton high-end and lux' clothes?! They are not priced - they have prices on application!

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Hi guys,

it's amazing, BIKBOK already launched their Never Denim Collection for this Spring and Summer 2015:

(Photo Credit: BIK BOK)

Elisabeth Tee (€ 34.95):
(Photo Credit: BIK BOK)

Ripped Denim Jacket (€ 74.95):
(Photo Credit: BIK BOK)

Wade Nas Pant W5 (€ 64.95):
(Photo Credit: BIK BOK)

It's a really timeless denim collection, with some 70s influence and the traditional striped pattern like Coco already worn!;)

(Photo Credit: BIK BOK)

It's 100% worth to visit BIKBOK even just on their own official page! 

Denim always used to have space in my own wardrobe/drawers and will always have special place!;)

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Hi readers,

after almost 2 days back in Brighton I should maybe start again with blogging - sorry, my life is now a bit too confusing and I'm also having grey days often - well reality isn't always beautiful!

BUT I'm enjoying recently more cups of fresh brewed warm tea than I've used to drink the last months (even if I'm a tea lover and addicted person - durin' my hotel accommodation, I've not really had the mood go each night into the hotel own kitchen and make ma' cuppa - so I went to coffee shops or other tea shops;)).

Sonnentor - "Ginger Sun" / " Ingwer Sonne" - € 3.29

Sonnentor recently sent me some of their teas and as I'm interested to try out each (carefully WITHOUT burn my foot again with hot water!) I'd like to start with "Ginger Sun"/"Ingwer Sonne" - which is a spicy herbal tea and perfect for the flu time as well as if you'd like to fight against the cold! - As ginger warms up yourself from the inside!;)


Ginger (33%), lemongrass, ceylon-cinnamon, orange peel, cardamom, licorice, lemon balm (5%), rose flower, sunflower floral leaves

It has a light yellowish shade and it really warms up your inner body and gives you a kinda natural energy for further stressful times during the day!;)

Sonnentor really not only creates different herbal/fruit/black/rooibos/white/mixed teas BUT as well really designs fresh and unique packaging - really like the patterns on each teabag!;)


Sunday, 15 February 2015


Hi my beloved readers,

as singer and music lover I'm always on the hunt for good audio systems/radios/vinyl players/etc. and therefore I'm VERY glad, that Sony wanted to cooperate with me and give me the chance to try out one of their latest wireless HiFi audio systems (CMT-X3CD), which is available in 3 shades: classic black, silver and red:

It comes with a thick manual booklet, where you can find everything from the prep (position/function of the control elements, remote prep, install of the time), CD replay, radio program, USB replay, Bluetooth replay, bug fix and further safety and technical data.

Manual "Personal Audio System" booklet, remote, european guarantee information document, antenna/aerial

I'm really surprised about the high-end finish, I'm not really a fan of black BUT this one looks sooo pretty in classic black with the combination of dark grey metallic front loudspeaker as well as the matte dark grey metallic finish on the left and right side.

What I especially love on this wireless HiFi audio system:

The Size - fits almost in each corner of my home (REALLY thin for an audio system! 34cm/17.3cm)
The antenna/aerial must not be hang somewhere - you can let it behind the audio system on the shelf
The sound is 100% clear, realistic - like you'd be on a concert almost! You feel the beat!
Easiest way to listen to your music on USB, phone, ipod or through bluetooth with NFC onetouch
FM-radio tuner included with the option: Manual, Automatic - Stereo/Mono
Aaaaand it has a CD player included - how awesome for someone who's still playing "real" music!;)

What I don't really like on this product:

The touchpad (where you can regulate the volume, drop the CD etc.) is VERY glossy and shiny and you see almost EVERY time some dust;(
.....that's all;)!

How it sounds like (with "Take Me To Church" by Hozier):

I am really impressed and positively surprised about the quality (well I've already got some other Sony products in the past - which were as well very good of quality BUT you never can be sure, that each product has the same quality if you know what I mean). This product is really a great gift for yourself, if you're a student/young person - who doesn't can affort at the moment an expensive audio system BUT searching for a very good sound, beat as well as quality and fancy design with the option to play almost each type of data (carrier) - the CMT-X3CD is relatively low priced (£129.00 or € 149,00) and fulfill your needs!

I'd give 9stars of 10 for this wireless HiFi audio system - just because I've been a bit disappointed about the glossy surface on top and the visible dust - BUT that's just me, it doesn't affect the quality it's just a small design failure - as you'd need to wipe the dust each second away;).

Did you've already seen or did you've bought the CMT-X3CD wireless HiFi audio system by Sony already?! - What are your opinion and 1st impressions?!;)