Friday, 16 January 2015


Hi guys,

this week I've tried to create a nude/natural makeup with a hint of glamour for the perfect Valentines Day '15 (no matter whether you're single or in a relationsship - you can create this gorgeous look too!;)).

Use a great and gently primer (like the one from Max Factor) and a concealer of your choice (I've used Everyday Minerals Creme Conceal Stick in Vanilla) and a good shaped Eyebrow (used Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in 020 Date with Ash-ton) is one of the 1st steps to get a great result!;)

A good foundation is always a good foundation! So as you will create a natural finish you don't need the one, which 100%tly coverages your face BUT which gives your face a nice glow/illuminating effect! (Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - is good for that!)

For the eyes I've NOT used a eye primer (that's a makeup item - I normally don't use and need!) but to ensure 100%tly a nice finish I've therefore used 2 of my fav' cream Forever eye shadow sticks/pencil by GOSH makeup in the shades: 02 Beige and 03 Light Copper (02 on the full eye lid and 03 in the line!).

Revolution Makeup Flawless Ultra Eyeshadow Palette is currently one of my fav' palette, which I use almost daily! So I though it would be not a bad idea to give it a try for this makeup as well (all named eyeshadows has been used for the eyemakeup and remember the lightest on the whole upper lid and the darkest just in the lines and for creating the light smoky flawless look!;)).

The perfect dolly fine lashes has been created by another great makeup piece from GOSH makeup - the Darling Lashes creates the perfect Valentines Day lashes!

Before I've applied a nice rose/coral/beige shade by Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick (Raisin 894) I've used as always a lipbalm (no matter which one - if you prefer Vaseline use it if you prefer Labello use Labello - just MOISTURIZE your lips - no one will kiss or see cracky and dry lips and the lipmakeup won't look as smooth and delicate as with soft and well hydrated lips!;)).

For creating a nice full makeup I've used on my cheeks, chin some highlighter to create a nice glow (use Bourjois Paris Delice de Poudre - they smell choc' delicious!;) and after that I've create a nice tan with the Bronze Booster by Physicians Formula on my cheeks/cheekbones and give my face a nice structure and definition after that just use a simple translucent powder on your t-zone (if you've an oily skin like I used to have sometimes) as a "buttery glow" like I used to call the t-zone won't let me feel very comfortable and I'm sure you too not!;)

And just smile & be HAPPY (your NOT forever SINGLE - Mr. Right WILL SURELY COME!;)):

Hope you all will have a truly great and romantic and fun Valentines Day '15 - what's your plan for this day (watch some girly movies like Clueless or go out with your Prince Charm or just hang out with your friends at home.....) - I'm interesting to know that!;)


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