Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Hi guys;),

as I've been over christmas/new year at home I've also sort out some of my older makeup and beauty products and escaped a small tube/box of The Body Shop's Papaya Body Lotion from last Summer, which I completely forgot! It smells absolutely fruity fresh and after warm sunny summer days - can't understand, that I've forgot to used it!

The light orange shade won't leave a color on your skin it's super moisturizing and translucent and hydrates your skin 100%tly and thinking about the scent let me just be even more happy that the cold months will be soon away and summer isn't far away!;)

I've bought last summer the The Body Shop Papaya Shower Gel (got the Papaya  Body Lotion Sample due to this buy), which I've used almost each day BUT it's difficult to used The Body Shop Shower Gels out - I've a half bottle left!

I'm not sure, whether the Papaya range is now longer available at The Body Shop BUT hope they will sell it again as the scent is AMAZING and a good quality too!;)

Did you've ever tried out some of The Body Shop shower gels or body lotion or even this yummy Papaya range?!;)

Have a great Tuesday afternoon guys!


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