Wednesday, 21 January 2015

SWEET NYC Memories (NYC Spring '14)

Hi guys,

yesterday I've wrote a post about one of my fav' beaches beside Menorca/Mallorca/Maledives/Hawaii/Brighton etc. - Coney Island/NYC and now I'd like to show you some of my fav' pic's I've made during my stay in Big Apple last march '14:

Times Square the famous place, where musicals are promoted, tourists take over billion photos per day, where you can walk at 7am almost alone! The place where you NEVER feel alone even if you're a single tourist!;)

Local Farmers Market - where fruits, vegetables, fresh baked pastry and breads are cheaper than at organic supermarket/groceries!

Just the old historical buildings, the NYC flair JUST  everything made me feel, that I belong to Big Apple (well I've even don't needed a city map and known each street - which is totally weird and strange!)

The Plaza Hotel NOT just known from movies like Home Alone 2, Eloise At The Plaza (which was the reason why I've 1stly visited the hotel back in 2010 to visit Eloise Pink Shop at the Basement Floor at Plaza - I LOVE this cute Disney Movie as well as the story behind this little blonde girl living at plaza).

National Library in Manhattan is WORTH to visit, reminds me strongly on Harry Potter with the massive stone stairs and gothic architecture as well as the thousands and thousands of old bookshelfs with highly read books - lovely place for every bookworm like me!;)

For every young/becoming actor/actress or just theatre and movie lover and addicted person - there are plenty of different Film/Movie/Theatre Schools and Courses to attend - just keep your eyes wide open!;)

I don't like marshmallows or such sweet sticky stuff as well not really Peeps marshmallow bunnies BUT these soft cuddle Peeps bunny toys are to cute to leave at FAO Schwarz!;)

I've attend there as well some modeling auditions and after a long day I though to get a cup of Iced Coffee at Wendys (the price was affordable for my little pocket;) as well as this day began my Iced Coffee/Frapuccino addiction!;))

The Julliard - the place where acting and musical dreams can become true!;)

Such fancy places can be not just found near Times Square or Broadway (well Hard Rock yest;) BUT the sign above Park Lane was near a garage somewhere in Manhattan;))

As I've been now twice in NYC I know, that skylines aren't everywhere in Manhattan - there are green and cute victorian home villages as well and such high buildings are more seen on the way to Wallstreet or near Rockerfeller!

To be honest I'll visit one day each corner of the US - as this country really inspires me (not just because of my family story as well as through my own experiences) BUT NYC will ALWAYS be a special place for me - which I'll 100%tly visit even more than any other place in the world!;)

Did you've been ever in Manhattan/NYC/Big Apple?! (If not - OH you SHOULD VISIT IT!;))


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