Saturday, 24 January 2015


Hi my lovely readers,

today's just such a nice sunny day in Brighton -I've almost forgot, that it's January;)! I'm really glad to be her enjoying such bright sunny days on the beach and watch like seagulls flying high above the sea and Brighton pier!


Love my new Radley London sunglasses - they reminds me strongly on the 60s!;)

I really adore Jane Koenig jewelry - especially the rings (my small braided rose gold plated silver ring)are soooo cute and unique!;)

I'm sooo glad to be here - not just, that I've meet so many interesting and amazing people here since I've been trying to move here, as well as new friends and really good ones too;)! Also I'm feeling it's not just an highly inspiring place to be and live for short it's more - it's like a new home (real great place for musicians/singers/creative people)!

Wish you all a great Saturday & Weekend!;)


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