Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Physicians Formula - BRONZE BOOSTER (Fair to Light)

Hi guys,

today I've been out for a nice walk in Brighton's Center and found again another makeup treasure from on of the nicest packaged and high quality girly american makeup brand Physicians Formula - the "Bronze Booster" for fair to light skin types - which creates a light suntan on my pale fair cheeks;)!

It has a plastic BUT really gorgeous looking packaging and a really good blush brush, which is located below the bronzing powder:

It doesn't smell after cocoa or other choc' scents - which some bronzers have BUT hey NOT each bronzer should smell after sweet pralines or?!;)

The bronzing micro-pearls should create a radiant finish and it's formulated with glow activators, which means, that an infusion of vitamins, moisturizers and antioxidants like:

Kapi Kaachu Seeds & Phospholipids (moisturizes and extend the life of your tan glow)
Ceratonia Siliqua (carob tree extract - enhance natural healthy-looking tan glow)
Vitamin C & E (helps to improve skin's radiance)


Lightly brush powder over face and neck for a natural - looking tan glow. For contouring you should apply it more over your cheekbones!


I'm pretty impressed and positively surprised about the whole product - which makes me thinking about more Physicians Formula products (HEEEEELP;)).


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